Climate pilgrimage with EKD representatives Kurschus and Heinrich |

  Climate pilgrimage with EKD representatives Kurschus and Heinrich |

The “5th Ecumenical Pilgrimage to Climate Justice” of two major Christian churches begins on Saturday in Zielona Góra, Poland. Highly placed representatives of EKD will also participate.

Westphalian President Annette Kurschus, deputy chair of the Council of the Evangelical Church (EKD) in Germany, will attend as the new president of the EKD Synod, Anna Nicole Heinrich, as announced Wednesday by the project office in Schwerte. The pilgrimage destination is the Scottish city of Glasgow, where this year’s World Climate Conference will take place in November.

stand up for climate justice

It states that the Kurchus, once again receiving the patronage of the pilgrimage, will be in Bielefeld when the pilgrims stop there. The President of the EKD Synod will join the pilgrimage in Saxony on the way from Heinrich Groenhain to Riesa. Both “truly will stand with their feet for climate justice towards the global south, towards generations to come and within our society”. Because climate justice is a central concern of Christian churches. Heinrich, a 25-year-old philosophy student, was there for the first time. For the theologian Kurschuss, participation is already a tradition.

Under the motto “It Works!” Participants want to point out the consequences of climate change along the way and promote mobility, agriculture and food change. The 1,450 kilometer route runs from Poland to Germany, the Netherlands and England to Scotland. 77 stages are planned with stops in cities such as Leipzig, Göttingen, Bielefeld, Enschede, Newcastle and Edinburgh. Walkers walk the mainland and throughout the UK. They cross the canal by ferry. He is scheduled to reach Glasgow on 29 October.

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Invitation to Climate Pilgrimage

It states that all are invited to undertake the pilgrimage, either alone or collectively. It states that you can also join a portion of the route on a daily basis. Meetings and thematic programs are organized in local parganas.

The Ecumenical Pilgrimage to Climate Justice is a hyper-regional project by, among others, Bread for the World, 20 Protestant regional churches and Catholic diocese in Miserior, Germany. Among the patrons this year were Westphalian President Kurschus, environmental officer Rolf Lohmann of the German Bishops’ Conference, Wolfgang Kloss of the Central Committee of German Catholics and the founder of the Potsdam Climate Institute, Hans Joachim Schellnhuber. The 5th Ecumenical Pilgrimage is organized by the Institute for Churches and Society of the Westphalian Church.


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