Climate strike by foot and bike in Recklinghausen: all generations perform together

Climate strike by foot and bike in Recklinghausen: all generations perform together

On Friday, 24 September, two demonstration trains of the Friday for Future Movement start in Recklinghausen. The campaign was prepared in a multi-generational meeting at Café Helen.

“We will participate in Friday’s global climate strike for the future on 24 September and indicate the importance of our demands ahead of the federal election,” Peter Gervint said at a preparatory meeting at Café Helen, which was attended by several delegates. clubs, associations and organizations. “We advocate change in many areas, e.g. b. energy, transportation, politics, and draw attention to the fact that this type of occupation “cannot be tolerated”, is the general evidence.

“We Can’t Walk Like This”

Young, middle-aged and elderly people came this evening as they stood for a common goal: Preserving the future and saving the climate. Here all the generations come together. In Recklinghausen, this balance appears to be successful as all performers “kick” at eye level. Under the motto of “everything for the climate”, activists seek to mobilize and wake up to the fact that politics must end its half-baked strategy. “We cannot proceed like this because otherwise we will destroy the planet,” was a clear message from the group.

In Recklinghausen it starts on 24 September at 2 pm at two locations. A bike tour starts at Ruhrfestspielhaus and leads to Cassilienhöhe, Dorstner Strae, Herzogsvall, Börster Weg, Orweg, Ludwig-Erhard-Allee, Dortmunder and Kastroper Strae, Maybachstrae, Blitzkuhlenstrae, Alte Straenstrae, Berger-Straestrae, Berger-Strae Strae, Berger-Strae . Schumacher-Strae, through the city to the Town Hall Square. The walking route starts at Europaplatz at the main station and heads towards Kunibertistrae in the city and after eight kilometers to Rathausplatz. The march would be accompanied by the formation of the brass band “Schwarz / Rot Etmgold09” and Scots n Breizh, who play Scottish and Breton music.

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At four o’clock in the evening both the groups united. Speeches from associations such as BAND, NABU, Local Agenda, ADFC, Foo EV provide information on this topic. Couples offers musical entertainment at the PortAl Formidabel Town Hall. Anyone who wishes to help as a steward – wearing a safety vest – can show up at the Europaplatz’s display board or the Festspielhaus at 1.45 pm. “We really need this support. Anyone who wants to take an active part in the demo is cordially invited,” Gervinat said.

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