Cloister planning before completion |

  Cloister planning before completion |

Klosters voters can vote on a partial revision of their local plan on November 28. The city council approved the deal for a referendum. A lengthy debate in the city council was preceded by nearly ten years of planning work, as the municipality writes in a communication.

The message further stated that the consultation with the building law took most of the time. It was decided by Parliament – and against the wishes of the Community Board – to, among other things, relax the rules on solar systems. In contrast, there was no chance for an application to allow glazed terraces and glazed cantilever balconies in the future. In its disapproval, the city council argued with the site’s safety.

In addition to the revised building law and budget as well as the tax rate 2022, the adjustment of zone plans – mainly outside the settlement area – to general development plans for transportation, supply and disposal as well as general design plans, will take place at the end of November. Voting took place. The city council unanimously approved the revision of the local plan. The planning work still has to be approved by the canton if the people also agree.

housing for young families

Cloisters Municipal Council has also decided to offer young families willing to relocate a total of 13 plots under the building law. In this matter also the voters have the final opinion. The parcel must be able to be surrendered by the citizens’ council and municipal board with the approval of the voters. (Red)

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