Commissioners talk to political opponents, mayors take off their veils

Commissioners talk to political opponents, mayors take off their veils

A few months before the elections, the mayor of Inzago announced that he had lost confidence in his deputy and who then remained councilor until three years earlier. But now he doesn’t want anything to do with it and has canceled his job.

Inzago’s councilor too “smart”, the mayor canceled the proxy

A break in the Inzago Council a few months after elections were called to elect a new executive. first citizen Andrea Fumagalli saw the commissioner Ivan Maria Giuliani (formerly deputy mayor until he was ousted three years ago) out of a meeting deemed political with exponents from other parties, regarded as opponents by Burgomaster. This was enough to make the decision to cancel the proxy. And in fact, Fumagalli no longer even considers him a majority director.

Thrilled (former) councilor: “I’ve always faced everyone”

Giuliani was surprised by Fumagalli’s decision and, given that both are members of the league, has already announced that he will question the party’s regional executive.

“They started by removing me from the post of deputy mayor some time ago, and now they have made this ridiculous excuse to take away the councillor as well. Everyone knows that as a councilor I have always been involved with all kinds of associations, groups. Have attended meetings. For citizens and even individuals because I thought it was important to listen to everyone, because everyone could get an important and useful idea to improve Inzago”.


However, the Inzago Council isn’t the only one having problems. Just in these days the “neighbors” of Cassano d’Adda – months after the vote – have seen the defections of the Left for Cassano, which has actually left the majority declaring that he will not run for administrative offices. .

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In Meljo, where we were a councilor instead of voting in 2022 – Franco Guzzetti, with the responsibility of public works – slamming the door and leaving.

In short, it was not an easy week for Martesana’s political majority…

Full report in Gazzetta dell’Adda on newsstands e Ga In a browsable web version for PC, Smartphone and Tablet From Saturday 19 June 2021.


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