ContraTech: Amazon Prime is skyrocketing and technology is increasingly expensive play again

 ContraTech: Amazon Prime is skyrocketing and technology is increasingly expensive  play again

Like every Wednesday, the weekly appointment with KontroTech is back, HDblog column profane and controversy over technologyWhere we turn our sharpest and most controversial gaze to the hot and controversial issues of the moment.

The appointment is therefore, as always, 15:30. Feather To spend a little over an hour together we hope you enjoy it.

In today’s episode:

Twitch Programs: Our Programming

We remind you that the expansion of the offer on Twitch will happen gradually and will take place in several stages:

  • There are 3 live events scheduled during this week,
    1. Title Monday at 3:30 pm counter steeringA straight look at the world of motors
    2. Heading Wednesday at 15:00 controtechAn appointment to address technology issues in a controversial and critical manner
    3. Heading Friday at 15:30 hdcafeInteract with editorial staff on selected week’s key topics with a look at upcoming appointments, announcements and presentations
  • Over the next few months, additional columns will be added that we have already thought about, but we still don’t want to add you to the schedule to give you time to get used to this new live platform on Twitch.
  • Real Tournament HD with Twitch and if . will also start Fordzilla HD GP Didn’t see you participate, surely in the coming months you will be able to fight for many other titles and win prizes
  • Eventually, we will move all live shows (including event presentations) from YouTube to Twitch to focus the entire live video world on one platform (as happened with Google I/O 2021).

So all you have to do is subscribe the channel and follow us today at 15.30 for new episodes!


Live finished! Thanks for joining us.

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