Corona Mutations: Top Virologist Kekul Explains New Variants – Results for Vaccines?

Corona Mutations: Top Virologist Kekul Explains New Variants - Results for Vaccines?

B.1.1.7 stands for the new Corona variant, which is currently feared by England. Corona experts explain the background, including the top virologist Professor Alexander Kekule.

  • A mutated * corona virus terrifying England.
  • There is a risk that it will be brought to Germany.
  • Experts show how dangerous the virus is with the corona code B.1.1.7.

What exactly is meant by virus mutations?

“They dock to reproduce Coronaviren*Host cells in the body with their spike proteins. Simply put, these are protein particles that look like small crowns on familiar model images of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, ”explains Professor Hans-Martin Zak, Head of the Department of Immunology at University Hospital Erlangen. The virus then smuggles its genetic information into the cell so that it can multiply it. “You can think of this process as a copying process. Minor duplication errors occur from time to time. If these do not repair the virus, then a mutation occurs, ”says Corona expert Jake.

“We now have to vaccinate as many people as possible,” Kekule demands. “Otherwise we run the risk that corona numbers will be out of hand, possibly due to infectious virus variants.”

Virology Professor Dr. Alexander Kekule

Is virus mutation always dangerous?

No. Viruses are constantly mutating. With SARS-CoV-2 virus, for example, virologists go from one to two Mutation In the month. “So-called RNA viruses, including coronaviruses, are constantly adapted to their environment,” explains that Drs. Dr. Christoph Spinner, head of infection at Munich University Hospital on the right hand side of Isar. “That alone is not relevant. However, it becomes dangerous when a virus through a mutation gains so-called selective benefits. In the case of new virus variants, it is included in the fact that it can clearly be transmitted more easily than the original SARS-CoV-2 virus. “

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Corona: What is the difference between virus mutations and virus variants?

Scientists speak of a virus variant when the modified virus has multiple gene mutations – practically a complete package. In case of English version with Scientific Name B.1.1.7 This package contains at least 17 mutations.

Corona Mutation: What Makes B.1.1.7 So Explosive?

Many mutations of this type affect the “crown” of the corona virus – the spike proteins that are required to penetrate the host cell. “Doubtful is better suited for B.1.1.7 Receptors In Lunge Can dock. As a result, even small amounts of the virus will be sufficient to trigger infection. Or to put it another way: this version of the corona virus will be much more contagious than the original, ”explains Professor Alexander Kekule, director of the Institute for Microbiology at Hale University Hospital.

When and how was the new virus variant discovered?

“Scientists discovered them in samples before the beginning of September”, the infectiologist knows strange. The samples came from patients in the English county of Kent and the greater London area. Vetrante B.1.1 a week ago. Beyond already had 1623 records – beyond England, also in Scotland, Wales and four other countries. Initially creep spread is not uncommon, virologist Kekule states: “Such new Variants First they must cross a certain threshold before the infection spreads. Unfortunately, this has happened in England in the last few weeks. “

What is the current state of England?

Virologist Kekule finds from phone calls from English colleagues that more than half of Corona’s infections in the greater London area are now caused by the new virus version. “The doctors there are very worried.”

Can it be stopped to bring B.1.1.7 to Germany as well?

“We are fortunate that Germany is currently in lockdown. This means that the individual infected people who bring the virus to Germany cannot infect many people,” Kekele explains. So they are No border closing option. “Our politicians had no choice but to restrict entry from Great Britain. Hopefully it will stop the new virus version to at least gain time for vaccination. “

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What does the new virus version of vaccination mean?

“We now have to vaccinate as many people as possible,” Kekule demands. “Otherwise we run the risk that the corona number * will be out of hand, possibly due to the infectious virus version.”

Is there a risk that the vaccine will not work with the new virus version?

According to the unanimous opinion of leading scientists, no evidence has been found till date. Through this Vaccination* “A vast mixture of antibodies is formed”, says Professor Virologist Christian Drosten from Berlin. However, only one or very few antibodies will be affected by mutations of the virus variants and thus possibly ineffective, Drosten told Deutschlandfunk. His colleague Kekule also has a slight threat as to why the vaccine appears Corona mutation May fail from England. “In some cases, the infection can no longer be completely prevented, but these infections will in all likelihood be of great benefit. I do not expect vaccination failure. “

Can new virus variants jeopardize the effectiveness of drugs against Kovid-19?

So far there is only one officially approved drug against Kovid-19: Remediesvir *. However, this means, which is supposed to inhibit virus replication, has lost some of its importance in practice. In advanced stages of the disease, it can usually only do little. Are so called with high hopes Antibodies Linked. These are the body’s own proteins that coronaviruses recognize and prevent them from entering cells and multiplying there. “We have already been able to produce antibodies in the laboratory that have the ability to cure the earliest Kovid 19 patients,” reports Erlagen immunologist Jacques. “The advantage of antibodies is that in the case of new virus variants their effectiveness can be quickly tested. And an adaptation of the antibody would be possible. “

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What does the new virus version mean for Christmas?

Initially there is nothing, as “imports from England” will only be reflected in the German transition figures in the new year.

Should we expect a further increase in the number of infections and deaths after Christmas – what do Americans do after Thanksgiving?

“The problem in America is that you can’t really tell how much the effect of thanksgiving was. Because in some states the virus has gone completely out of control. The situation is so frightening that one wonders if there is still a vaccination Mass contamination Can be stopped. In Germany we will definitely have a Christmas effect, but hopefully this effect will not significantly increase mortality, ”predicts Kekele.

The reason given by the virologist: “Most of the victims are Retirement and Nursing Homes Complaining – not in families. And in families with older people at the table, protective measures such as maintaining your distance, wearing masks, and airing are commonly seen. It is important that you do not attend family celebrations, even for safety reasons, with mild cold symptoms. If you have the opportunity, you should do a quick corona test on the day of the joint celebration. ” – is part of the Ippen network.


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