Coronavirus: Social gatherings of more than six people to be banned in England from Monday Politics News

People in park

Groups of more than six people gathering in houses, parks, pubs and rest restaurants in England have been banned as the lockdown rules have been relaxed to haunt Boris Johnson’s biggest coronavirus.

The first offenders will be fined 100, which will be doubled to double 3,200 for each repeated offense, Prime Minister Will announce in a stem bid Worrying bounce In COVID-19 Case in the UK.

“House. Face. Space.” “We need to take action now to stop the spread of the virus,” Mr Johnson will announce at a Downing Street News conference in conjunction with a new government advertising campaign called.

The PM will announce, “So we are simplifying and strengthening the rules on social contact, so that they are easier to understand and for the police to enforce,” the PM will announce.

“It’s so complicated that people now follow these rules and remember the basics – washing your hands, rubbing your face, rubbing, keeping away from others and getting tested if you have symptoms.”

Hancock announces Bolton’s new controls

The sabotage came after government medical chiefs warned that the public – especially young people – was now much lighter. Corona virus, With the result that the COVID-19 rate is now above 20 per 100,000 people.

The prime minister’s announcement follows Health Secretary Matt Hancock Ban socialization Along with people from other homes in Bolton, the city has a limited food intake with rest restaurants and a curfew at all locations from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Prior to Mr Hancock’s announcement of Bolton, the Deputy Chief Medical Officer of England, Professor Jonathan Van-Tam, Warning of a “bumpy ride in the next few months” Except the virus was not taken “extremely seriously”.

The health secretary also warned young people this week not to spread the virus to older, more susceptible relatives, telling people in their teens and early 20s: “Kill your seed by catching the coronavirus and then keep it going.”

Mr Johnson will announce that from next Monday it will be illegal for anyone to gather above six people, unless they get one from a limited list of exemptions: a household or support bubble of more than six people or a gathering for work or education.

Further exemptions will also apply, such as weddings, funerals and covid safe organized team games.

The full list of exemptions will be announced by the government before the law is changed on Monday.

The youth behind the growth in covid cases

Explaining the reasons for the new harassment, Downing Street sources claim that placing new, lower limits in the law will make it easier for police to identify and disperse illegal gatherings.

In the new rules, the prime minister followed a zoom round table with the police force last week, where officials expressed a desire for rules to facilitate social contact.

According to No. 10, Cabinet Ministers, Chief Medical Officer Professor Chris Whitty and Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick V. Lance have jointly agreed that immediate action is needed after seeing the recent increase in the number of daily positive cases to nearly 1,000,000.

A further 2,460 lab-confirmed cases of coronavirus were reported in the UK as of 9am on Tuesday, followed by 2,948 on Monday and 2,988 on Sunday, the highest daily figure since May.

The government says the new rules will apply in England, for people of all ages, inside and outside the home, in private homes, in public outdoor spaces and in places such as pubs and restaurants.

Downing Street claims that the increase in cases in the UK follows a similar pattern as in other European countries, with rising infection rates increasing hospital admissions in Spain and France and even increasing deaths in Spain.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock says the rise in coronavirus cases & # 34;  Is related.

Hancock: Covid-19 cases on the rise ‘

The new government’s public information campaign will highlight how everyone can help prevent the spread of the virus by washing their hands, covering their face and making room.

“Hands. Face. Space” will display displays on TV, radio, newspapers, online, on billboards and at bus stops and other transport locations, with a new video showing how the coronavirus is spread.

Downing Street says the film, made with the help of scientific experts, encourages people to follow simple steps to reduce the risk of infection, with the expectation that people will spend more time during the winter.

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