Count To The Top Without Champions

Count To The Top Without Champions

“I work at the top, that’s right they pay me”: so Antonio Conte Alli Iné commenting on his 15.2 million euro gross contract signed with Tottenham, an amount that will go into the current season with severance pay collected by Inter for a total amount of approximately 30 million before taxes. But looking at his contract with Spurs, can we say that Conte is considered at the top? The answer is yes, it can be said, regardless of the course of the Champions League with Juventus, Chelsea and Inter Milan.

Because the former Italy coach is the second highest-paid coach on the planet, behind only Pep Guardiola, his 22.8 million euros, with a translation from the pound. Conte is followed by Simeone (14.6), Mourinho (12.8), Klopp (10.5), Allegri (8.7), Nagelsmann (8.1), Pochettino (7), Tuchel (6.4) and Ancelotti (5.8). As you can see, 4 coaches from the Premier League (Guardiola, Conte, Klopp and Tuchel), 2 from Serie A (Mourinho and Allegri) and Liga (Simone and Ancelotti), one coach from the Bundesliga and Ligue 1.

Having specified that the figures are only rough, since contracts are so complex and taxation is different, let’s move on to genuine curiosity: among these ten top coaches in the world, Conto is the only one who has never made it to the Champions League. Semifinals. , the goal achieved by Nagelsmann with Leipzig while all others at least reached the final. Conte reached the quarter once with Juventus and once in the second round with Chelsea, while in his other seasons at the top he either did not participate or passed the group stage. The Champions League isn’t the unit of measure for everything, but it is certain that Antonio Conte is the only great coach who hasn’t linked his fame to it.

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Another statistic relating to the last ten seasons (as Conte coached when he made his Champions League debut in 2012) also says so, which sees the new Tottenham manager at position number 45 (!), in the standings, on average points. In between, coaches with at least 5 Champions League bench appearances in the middle. A ranking that sees podium flicks, Benitez and Hanks and Conte well ahead of Italian coaches: Pirlo (!), Ancelotti, Ranieri, Allegri, Sarri, Di Francesco, Di Matteo and Simone Inzaghi. What is certain is that Conte’s image beyond performance in Europe is that of someone who shocks the routine of clubs and so far no one regrets hiring him, beyond the often stormy ways of closing ties. .


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