DANTE, 1265 – March 25, 2021 journey

Dante Alighieri

Tribute to charity, 1265 – 25 March 2021: Denti Beton Modernity and Truth

Where politics could not, poetry could not (GA Borgese)


Castellammare di Stabia, March 25, 2021

Italy was not created by kings or captains, it was a creation of a poet, “DANTE”. When Italy was still divided into states, communes and lords, “Dante” was the poet of “Itali Genti”, the founder of national identity. Why? Because great poets do not die and are able to speak through the hearts and minds of men of all times. But Dante’s modernity goes beyond this concept, only because he is the son of its “historical-literary” context, with its philosophical, religious, moral, scientific beliefs … and it makes him fragile. He is a man whose certainty is rooted, unshakable and unsure and his doubts are expressed in his “infinite poetry”. He took an active part in the complex historical events of the period and, for Italy, divided into small

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DANTEDI ‘1265/25 Marzo / 2021


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