David Perdue appears to be acknowledging Biden’s victory in a video call with a Republican group.

David Perdue appears to be acknowledging Biden's victory in a video call with a Republican group.

But in a video meeting recorded Wednesday with members of the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC), Perdue called the GOP an investigation into the Biden administration. Talked practically about the role of the controlling Senate. He did not discuss Trump’s efforts to turn the election around.

“We know what a change of command at the top would mean for our foreign relations,” Purdue said in the video. “If we can have a majority in the Senate, we can be a buffer on at least some of the issues. Biden Camp talked about his foreign policy. Has been. ”

The recording highlighted the ongoing tensions through the Senate run-off campaign in Georgia, with both candidates selling strongly that control of the chamber is more important than ever – an argument that predicts Biden’s victory.

That message contradicts the fact that Trump has not accepted and continues to try to overturn the outcome – and has angrily lashed out at fellow Republicans who did not join him in that fight.

In the recording, Perdue described Biden and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Key) as longtime former allies and “known negotiators” who could make unwanted deals between the White House and Congress in “two or three administrations.”

And he called Trump’s tenure the “last administration.”

“We have the opportunity to do something that may have been lost in the last administration between us [House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi and Trump, “Purdue said. “It simply came to our notice then. We were going to negotiate with them. But here we have Biden and McConnell, former allies of the Senate, who are well-known negotiators, if, if Biden can get away from this extreme part of his party, he can make some deals. “

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Perdu used a more imaginative tone on the second issue of the video, referring to Democrats in the White House as saying that if the Senate could be in office for such a deal, “if they stay in power.”

Perdue spokesman John Burke called the video “non-story”: “Senator Perdue fully supports President Trump and his fight for transparency and accuracy in this election.” For weeks the parade has repeatedly sounded alarm bells about the consequences of congressional total democratic control. [Senate Majority Leader Charles E.] Schumer won these two seats in Georgia.

Purdu made no mention in the video How he will work with Trump in the second term.

Participants on the Zoom video call, moderated by former U.S. Senator Norm Coleman, RJC’s national board chairman, were asked to keep the session off the record.

Coleman declined to comment when reached by telephone.

Matt Brooks, RJC’s executive director, said it was “catching on to Strauss” to conclude that either Perdue or Lofler had accepted Biden’s victory on a call with the group.

There was a lot of focus on the risks associated with a Senate majority led by Chuck Schumer, Brooks said. “The assumption that neither of these two is a supporter of the president is simply not true, and in fact they will all campaign together in Georgia. Both Senator Perdue and Senator Loffler strongly support President Trump, and President Trump does. ”

Both Perdue and Loffler have their 3 Nov. Both were put on the run after 50 per cent of the votes were cast in the crowded areas of the contest. Excluding their seats, Republicans control the Senate when they call next year, i.e. Jan. 5 will determine the runoff power balance. If the Democrats win both seats, they will win the vice-presidential seat. Harris’s tie-breaking vote will effectively control the chamber.

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Perdue and Loffler, whose victory will depend on more votes among Trump supporters, have so far avoided the president’s wrath, but they have demanded what they do to help expose fraud in Trump campaigners’ campaign campaigns. In the election of Georgia.

Privately, there is Purdue Previously admitted The term of office of the President may be shortened. On a donor call last month, he noted that Trump “can’t stop.”

But both senators have called for the resignation of Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Rafensparger, a fellow Republican, whom they accused of, without evidence, of rigging the election.

Trump has repeatedly attacked both Rafansperger and the Georgia government’s Brian Camp (R).

On the RJC video, Perdue said Republican senators could block Biden spending initiatives, administration appointments and judicial nominations.

“We hold the wire,” Perdue said. “If you come not only the strings of the purse, but also the nominations and confirmation strings to the Biden administration or the Biden court.”

Loffler also appeared on the RJC call on Wednesday with a period. She never mentioned Biden by name, but at one point she agreed with Perdue that her top priority, if elected, was to protect “work done over the past four years.”

“We have to save it,” he said.

“We will hold them accountable in the consultation and consent process,” Loffler said in the video. “So, you know, I think we’ll see a lot of people coming back from the Obama administration, you know, a great opportunity for us to review their records and hold them accountable for their track records.”

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Loffler’s spokesman Stephen Lawson said the senators did not accept Biden’s victory in any way.

He said he supports the president by exhausting every available option to ensure the election results are accurate while he also works to get a Senate majority on January 5th. “This is a total non-story.”


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