Death of Prince England, friendship in football: Charlton, Keegan Ferguson

Not careful to remove the sympathy of his subjects by declaring his passion for some clubs, Prince Philip, who died yesterday, was a careful observer of football and its opponents

Death prince england

Death Prince England. Philip The Duke of Edinburgh and the Union of Elizabeth II Those who passed yesterday, will be remembered today by keeping a minute’s silence in all areas of the Premier League.

Prince Philip and Football

An obligation, a duty towards the British monarchy institution in the world of sports and football: the oldest though. Sports and football have always been considered institutions very close to the royal family. Windsor. Really very passionate about the game.

and also Prince philippe, Was beyond rhetoric and politics. It is always highly relevant to entrust a football team to the hearts of those engaged in important institutional roles, trying to play an important and institutional role. Especially when there are sorrows of global importance such as those about the Prince’s Union.

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Death of Prince Philip: Football and Pope John

When it disappeared Pope John Paul II Everyone wrote that he was a sympathizer of the Roma, forgetting his Polish roots and the fact that he was genuinely happy for it Visala Krakow. Authentic passion for Pope Bergoglio San Lorenzo de Almagro It was written in unread time before becoming Pope.

However, for the English royal family, the question is slightly more complex. in football England It is experienced as a real war of religion: if you live on one side you cannot stick to the other… or at least if you explicitly declare your sympathy then you can reach a public consensus. Sufficient pieces take the risk of stripping.

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Death prince england
Death prince england

Prince England’s death: Philip and football player

Him too Buckingham Palace Football Picks: Al Prince philippe Always liked. Actually arrived at a very young age as a boy England To avoid the civil revolution that overturned the Greek dynasty, he went to several schools, the first of which, in Leeds, brought him closer to the team Leeds united Which went on for some time with great sympathy.

Without engaging in sensational episodes, Philippo was always a strong supporter of the English national football team. By 1952 he called himself Leoners (the Lions symbolized the English National Team) and became good friends and correspondents of the superiority of some of its stars. But cheering on England, which is only one component of the British Commonwealth, is not very monarchical.

Politically, Philip was a good friend Bobby charlton, For example, which he personally rewarded when the player received several honors of merit for his sporting activity. But also Keegan, Francis Especially sir Alex Ferguson, Scottish.

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Mourinho West Hum e Arsenal

Yesterday the football world paid a long series of online perfect greetings, the first of which was by video Jose Mourinho, One of the many and very wealthy guests of every British Majesty’s reign. Mourinho paid deep respect to the English crown and his mourning. Soon after, it was one of the first online pages to be listed in black. West Ham Who, for many years, claims to be the home’s center of sympathy Windsor.

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True, but up to a point. According to what Buckingham Palace Has never been confirmed but it is a cheer to have been written in informal biographies of the royal house, and especially in the Buckingham Palace of Elizabeth II. Armory. A passion that Elizabeta Inherited from his father, George VI He himself was photographed several times during his visit to the headquarters of Cardiff city (But small teams don’t hurt anyone).


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