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Red and Orange Spheres, Spheres and Kovid: What is

Italy from the red zone? Coronovirus infection does not stop under the pressure of coronoids, and locally restrictive measures are intensified. The day after 20,884 new cases and on the eve of the weekly monitoring of the ISS – which would give rise to any news in the red, orange and yellow areas – the picture of the epidemic is confirmed to be particularly complex. Is Lombardi moving towards a strong red or orange zone? “It seems to me that all of Italy, except Sardinia, has been watching this situation for a long time,” says Bertolso, an advisor for the vaccination campaign in Lombardy. Governor Attilio Fontana, who has the field destined for passage into the enlarged orange zone, responds: “We have to wait for the CTS data to arrive, at which point we can make the necessary assessments, now we can monitor Are doing the situation daily, where there are dark orange areas. We apply them immediately. We cannot say whether we will enter or we will not enter the enhanced orange, the data will tell us “. The focus on the school is particularly celebrated for the ease with which the English version Kovid seems to spread between the young and the very young. The new Dpcm provides for the closure of schools in the Red Zone and in areas where more than 250 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants are equal to or greater. In Piedmont, Governor Alberto Sirio has recruited Dad 100% for 15 days from March 15 to study from second grade to high school. In addition, tomorrow, in light of data from Piedmont’s more than 30 health districts, we will move forward with more restrictive measures, also pushing for remote teaching to lower school levels and orders in areas where the incidence of infection is vigilant. Exceeded limits. In Emilia Romagna, with measures and prohibitions already adopted in part of the region, Governor Stefano Bonaccini is preparing for a squeeze. “We should limit and limit the paradox with more restrictive measures, as indicated by our health care, otherwise the epidemic curve continues to rise. The boundaries of the classic orange zone are no longer sufficient. The analysis of the national will be. The control room that Emilia- Could bring Romagna into the red zone from next Monday, ”he says. “We can’t wait, we should do it right away as the ministry records figures that are already out of date and the reality is worse than those figures already. We have to make hard and painful decisions, institutions have to be truthful. The task of telling and deciding. To avoid bad troubles, “I take responsibility for this: we must act now against the danger that has beheaded it”. In Lazio, Commissioner Alessio D’Amato is on his guard. The hospital is decreasing, while cases, deaths and intensive care patients are increasing. The ratio between positive and buffers is 10%, but the percentage is 4% if we consider antigens as well. In the city of Rome, the cases are at a height of 600 ”, he says that“ the case curve is increasing, and we need to maintain rigor in our behavior ”. Moving south, the number of Naples is clear: in the last week About 300 new cases of Kovid every day. There are 5,231 coronavirus positive residents, as stated in the bulletin issued by the Municipality of Naples. Yes, with data updated on Wednesday, 3 March. There are 2,106 cases of coronavirus in excess of the last bulletin released on Wednesday 24 February.

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