Djokovic’s “No Wax” Move Thinking About Serbia


Novak Djokovic would have already chosen between the AGI – Grand Slam and Greater Serbia. To provide the key to the complex tennis, health and political case that has its absolute hero in Australia, Noelle, her father Sarjan thought about it at a press meeting a few days ago. “Serbia is Novak, Novak is Serbia” thundered Djokovic Sr.

Not a single sentence was thrown, if you consider that the popularity of world tennis number one is nil for a day in his country. An overlap between character and nation that certainly stands out, in the case of Australia and which one might imagine the world’s number one tennis player, has seen for the first time. Not to make his Australian journey an unrelenting communication error that could undermine his career, but perhaps a formidable tool on which to base his post-tennis future. Now close, looking at the 35 candles that will go out on the next 22nd May.

But it takes a step back. Serbia, a country where sport is the preferred complex of symbols of nationalism, Italy in particular has experienced a nightmare 2021 at the hands of, Always. In beloved basketball, the national team failed to reach the Tokyo Games, losing the decisive match (in Belgrade) against Mayo Sacheti’s Blues. A tremendous blow.

In football he failed to reach the European Championship after losing the deciding qualifying match (in Belgrade) to Scotland in the fifth penalty kick. In men’s volleyball the national team (European champions) was beaten 3–0 by Italy and was excluded from the Pre-Olympic Games in Bari in 2020 and lost to Bulgaria in the next tournament under great Italian coach Silvano Prandi. . brought them back to the Olympic group.

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And the women’s volleyball team? She lost the European final (in Belgrade) against Paola Agonu and her allies Italy. Even Noelle himself, who had just begun to hit the Golden Slam (four majors plus Olympic gold), fell against Zverev at the Games and against Medvedev in the final in New York.

Never before has Serbia needed an absolute leader as it is in this moment and Djokovic is understood by his compatriots as such and certainly not just for the twenty Grand Slams he has won. This is the person who embodies a common feeling and why not, can also be a candidate to guide that sentiment. This is the least common denominator of his life, otherwise he adapts to circumstances.

The neo-vegan-sports leader (the group also features Lewis Hamilton) and therefore not at least ideally embodies an approach to life’s things as an alpha male, but able to go to dinner as well Having more Photographed with Lupi della Drina’s former Commander Milan Jolovic, the military formation that participated in the Massacre of Sebrenica.

Not exactly a vegetarian pacifist. Novavax assured but did not declare that although it would donate one million euros to Bergamo, a city which is a martyr to COVID. World tennis dominance for years on the ATP board, however, a few months earlier (along with Canadian Vasek Pospisil) the PTPA, a variant of the ATP’s “current” competitor, was able, in the founders’ announcements. Fight for more rewards and opportunities for the players here (up from hundredth place) who are professionals but who hardly make a living with tennis.

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But what many believe is an attempt to counter the weight of the Nadal and Federer families within the ATP. Noelle who is photographed with children (this also happened in December, while he was already positive in covid) but was disqualified from the US Open in 2020 in a fit of rage by throwing the ball at a speed of two hundred hours with a flawless line Takes the risk of beheading the judge.

Djokovic is all this and to put it like his father, it is all Serbia. Which is why it’s hard not to think of him in the near future with a far better role than a former tennis player. The identity between him and a nation comes to mind George Weah’s (though proceeding from differing notions) with Liberia: a sports leader who summarizes a nation’s mood in his gestures and ultimately commands it. Is. And the feeling is that every step that may seem false to most may turn out to be nothing more than another brick laid in the construction of this project in the near future.


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