Documentary on the Great Rembrandt in Rimini, Tiberio

Documentary on the Great Rembrandt in Rimini, Tiberio

for this cinematic week Chiamicittà.it recommend the documentary my rembrandt (2019) of ok hugendijkowhich will be displayed on cinema tiberio Why Rimini?

The film is set in the world of the Old Masters with a mosaic of compelling stories in which Rembrandt’s unbridled passion for paintings leads to dramatic developments and unexpected turns.

While art collectors such as Eijk and Rose-Marie de Mol van Otterloo, American Thomas Kaplan and the Scottish Duke of Buchlech show a special bond with “their” Rembrandts, banker Eric de Rothschild puts up two Rembrandts for sale, a sparkling Rijksmuseum and Tough political battle between the Louvre.

The film also follows Dutch aristocratic art dealer Jan Six on the path of two “new” Rembrandt paintings, a nerve-wracking journey full of discovery that appears to fulfill her biggest childhood dream.

But when he is accused of violating an agreement with another art dealer, his world collapses, and everything is put into question. After all these complicated stories, and in some ways far from everyday life, my rembrandt Thus it shows what makes the work of the Dutch painter so special, and why his paintings still evoke such sympathy today.

Following the success of the award-winning documentary NewDirector of Rijksmuseum (2014) Ok Hugendijk once again tackles a great topic and tells us a story that talks about all forms of art, especially those that often go behind the scenes of great museums.

Edoardo Bassetti

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