Donald Trump and Golf: At a Distance

Donald Trump and Golf: At a Distance

The 2022 PGA Championship will not take place at the US presidential facility. Damage to the tournament’s image would be great.

Sports Friend Donald Trump doing his favorite thing Photo: Joshua Roberts / Reuters

Berlin Fresh | When it was still considered funny to tell anecdotes from the deceptive life of Donald Trump, his scandals on the golf course were like stories. The outgoing US president loved playing golf. Through website You can visit 19 mostly very posh golf courses that are related to Trump’s real estate holdings. The fact that he honored two exceptional golfer Annika Sorenstem and Gary Player with a United States medal was the day his radical supporters stormed the Capitol in Washington, and the golf scene and Donald Trump’s close and Mostly had demonstrated good relationships.

It is therefore quite remarkable that the Professional Golfers Association of America (PGA) has now announced that one of the most important tournaments in the world, its championship will not be planned next year at Trump’s Bedminster Golf Club in New Jersey.

In Video message PGA President Jim Richardson said it had become clear that Trump hosting the tournament in Bedminster would hurt the PGA brand. It is also likely a reaction to the devastating comments from the two golfers who were awarded the Freedom Medal on Thursday. “As a representative of their sport, the reputation of both business people who lead a life of golf will be tarnished forever. Sorenstam and the player will forever be associated with Trump at this terrible moment in our history ”, Columnist Christine Brennan said In a comment to the daily newspaper United States Today.

Commander in Cheat

Trump, a complete book about his dishonesty while playing golf . Commander in Cheat“He is said to have tried to use his facilities as president for his rights during his tenure as important and thus lucrative golf tournament. He loved watching the British Open at the venerable Turnberry in Scotland, where he Has owned the classy facility since 2014. A Report of new York Times according to this He is said to have tried to use Woody Johnson’s US ambassador as ambassador for his tournament application.

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Before all of them were denied, Johnson himself told about it. Corporate heir Johnson is one of the presidential confidants in his first presidential election campaign as a supporter of Trump. The fact that he owns the New York Jets, a club in the National Football League, added another sports political note regarding the president’s influence on Trump’s personal business.

Incidentally, the cancellation for Bedminster was not a premiere. Once before, a golf course owned by Trump was denied the right to host a tournament. In 2017, the PGA Tour and its World Golf Championship moved from Trump Resort near Miami to Mexico City. PGA Tour managing director Tim Finchem said, “It had nothing to do with politics:” It’s a sponsorship problem. Cadillac had withdrawn because the car brand could not shine enough ahead of the almost equally strong Trump brand. Meanwhile, vigorous protests against the venue followed by Trump, who was still the presidential candidate at the time, caught the attention of Mexican immigrants through the racist rabbit.


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