Donald Trump ‘can pull even’ with Biden in Arizona count, says CNN

Donald Trump 'can pull even' with Biden in Arizona count, says CNN

President Donald Trump The former vice president is avoiding talking JB BidenThe lead in Arizona, possibly the state he could take, gave him a breathing room in the presidential bath.

CNN analysts said new data from Maricopa County shows that Trump is making money on Biden and that Biden could be “found and defeated” in the state itself if votes continue like this. John Biden is still winning in the county, with 51.4 percent of the vote in the county but 200,000 votes remaining to be reported.

Trump is meeting his threshold that at least needs to be pulled, CNN said. “The biggest question is the composition of what is left.” Both campaigns will still have a strong understanding of vote formation, with analysts of previous poll data, which CNN says, “The Biden campaign says they feel good about it.”

Until the latest results came out, B Biden was comfortably leading the state with 55 per cent of the popular vote, but now it is around 0 .. per cent, Trump 48 around 48.1 per cent. As many as 15 per cent votes are yet to be registered.

On Tuesday night, the Associated Press and Fox News called Arizona for Biden, giving him 11 voter college votes. From Arizona in Biden’s corner, Trump has won the remaining five states, with Nevada leaning towards Biden, but threatening to withdraw the call to Arizona before all votes are counted in the presidential campaign.

Tim Murtho, communications director for the Trump campaign, posted on Twitter, “No news should be raised by so-called races in Arizona.” This is not the end of the story. 43, additional66 additional additional votes and Biden, giving 0,38, which reduced Biden’s lead in the state by 4,817 votes to 17,373.

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It put Biden at 1,469,341 votes across the state and Trump at 1,400,951, with 86 percent of the vote. New York Times, Biden has .50..5 percent and Trump has .1 48.1 percent of the vote.

“Huge benefits for President Donald Trump in Arizona’s Maricopa County,” Rep. Andy Biggs posted on Twitter. “He is now behind ATW with less than 80,000 votes. There are thousands of votes left.”

Trump supporters Chase Le Baron, Alex Makius and Lincoln Gardner, who are part of the Arizona Grassroots Advocates Republican Association, put up signs near the entrance to the polling station at the Islamic Center’s former Islamic Center in Chandler, Arizona, on Tuesday. A new report of votes in Arizona recruited in Trump’s direction but it is unclear whether it will be enough to meet former Vice President B Biden’s lead.
Oliver Turan / AFP / Getty

With Biden leaving Arizona, as many have been told by the network, the Democratic candidate for president of the United States is just six votes away from the 270 threshold. In that case, Trump would have to win the remaining five states, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina and Alaska, while Biden would only need Nevada, a Democratic-leaning state.

However, if Trump wins in Arizona, it will take Biden even further with a 270-vote goal post, and that means Trump can sacrifice Nevada and still have a way to win.

As has been the case across the country, voters in Arizona do not have full confidence in the validity of the election. Voters were concerned about the accuracy of the count after people posted on social media that they were given it. Sharp marker To fill their ballot and because of the ink it became invalid.

Clint Hickman, chairman of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, and Steve Gallardo, District 5 Supervisor, pushed for “misinformation about the integrity of the euro’s election” and said the Sharpees “don’t disqualify the vote.”

“We have conducted extensive testing on a variety of inks with our new vote tabulation equipment,” both officials said in a statement. “The set fuss on the ballet ensures that no bleed-through will affect your vote.”

The reason behind the use of sharpies was that they provide the fastest drying ink and officials reiterated that those who vote by mail can use sharpies and blue or black pens. He also denied that the change in the number of votes cast was a case of “fraud”, saying it was indeed “evidence of democracy.”


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