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from Camila Palladino

In the last five years, only 34 per cent have paid waste tax and 20 per cent fine. Scottish deputy mayor to May Culta: “Within years we have to change the collection system”

In the five years from 2017 to 2021, Capital collected only 34 percent of waste tax (TARI) and 20 percent of fines. data emerged during Presentation of the Balance Sheet to Capitoline Assembly Including the financial management of the previous year in terms of income and expenditure. Failure to collect taxes and penalties will not depend on the problem of tax evasion, but on the delay of the municipal administration. Deputy mayor and councilor for the budget, Sylvia Skócz, admitted this before the city council yesterday, responding to the opposition’s comments: “I did not say that Roman does not want to pay, often the bill does not come: We have to change the whole collection system. It is not a question of dues, but of our delay.

According to the councilor the capital’s “difference between fixed and levied fines is an endemic problem”. For this reason, a significant portion of the “over five billion provisions for doubtful funds” is reserved for trespassing and fines. The tax on waste, in particular, is “very important: it is worth 1.62 billion in the provision of the Fund for 2021” – Deputy Mayor specified – and 1.6 billion proven and unexplained active residuesWith consequences for citizens: It takes away the resources from the services and creates pain in the management of the city. We need an “immediate response” to the councillor, who said he wants to change the collection system “within the year”.

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The balance sheet layout for the year 2021 was The House was approved with 24 votes in favour, six votes in opposition and two votes. Provides first budget change 245 million euros more for investments in municipalities and departments, while “in the restricted part – the councilor explained the data – we have between 1 billion and 351 million resources earmarked for specific purposes, which will be released on the first technical change after the approval of the report”. Of these, a portion “was already used as alleged surplus in November”. According to Scozze’s words, therefore, “we can say that the budget of the Municipality of Rome is in balance and secure without problems of cash and payments, but with some difficulties in terms of income and spending capacity. The cash balance as on 31st December is 937 million”.

Despite the positive opinion on the document’s results, however, the head of financial statements pointed out that “there are some elements indicating a situation that needs to change quickly and there are elements of misery. The first concern is with the earnings position: our Nearby is a cluster of active residues that is equivalent to 9.5 billion. For committed and unspent resources, the total amount is 2.8 billion “, And then there’s the problem of fine provisions, including fines and unpaid fines: «These are resources available but we can’t use, and this – Schoczyz concluded – is a problem to be solved. There is a provision for disputes equal to 207 million and various types of potential debts equal to 366 million.

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