“Don’t wear shorts? Then I’ll wear a skirt.” Protest of a 16-year-old Scottish woman

by Camilla Prato

Shane Richardson, 16, and sister Lexi. Both study at Moffat Academy in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland.

Shane Richardson, a 16 year old student, was kicked out of school by the teachers to wear the gods Shorts because of the heat. To protest the strict dress code she decided to wear sister’s uniform 12 years old. In the rules of Moffat Academy, Scotland, it is specified that students must bring or pants (long) or skirt. Here it is that the solution appeared simple: Put on the skirt.

Shane said he was one of 13 boys sent home by teachers at Dumfries and Galloway Schools. “Like some others, I was turned out for wearing shorts, so I decided to start Wearing My Sister Lexi’s Skirt. The teachers didn’t tell me anything about it and neither did the taxi driver who picks us up and takes us to school in the morning.”

Hayley, 34, Shane and Lexi’s mom, told Governance as ‘ridiculous’: “Apart from Shane and about 12 other students, some girls were also sent home for wearing shorts. They have just returned to school after separation – that continues – and it is not long before June 24, the start date of the summer holidays, so it is important that their education is in attendance. i am sitting for hours in a hot classroom And the air conditioning has been shut down due to covid-19 regulations.

“Now there will be a parent committee meeting To discuss this in a video call – adds the woman – will be June 16, but I will not be there because I work night shifts as a truck driver”. Meanwhile, Dumfries and Galloway Council said that the current uniform policy at Moffat Academy has been in place for several years, but “reactions from young people, parents and school assistants indicate that it is time review policy and make changes”.

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In the meantime, however, while waiting for any changes to become official, students were reminded to follow the agreed policy that allows the school to maintain High standards of excellence. Which means that, like Shen, other students may also wear a skirt, as it is treated as an official uniform and provided for by regulation. And that even a small gesture can convey an important message, namely needs of students They should be heard even at the cost of changing the rules.


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