Draghi enlists Fornero: he will be Palazzo Chigi’s advisor for economic policies

Draghi enlists Fornero: he will be Palazzo Chigi's advisor for economic policies

The professor recruits the teacher. Elsa Fornero, the former Minister of Labor and Social Policies with responsibility for equal opportunities in the Monti government, will be the advisor for economic policies at Palazzo Chigi. This can be read on the website of the Department for Planning and Coordination of Economic Policy (DIPE). Sociologists and jurists also join the premier’s team, along with professors Mauro Magatti, Silvia Scozez, Anna Maria Tarantola, Giuseppe de Rita and other economists from the University of Turin.

“The Under-Secretary to the Prime Minister, Bruno Tabacchi – reads the website – on the basis of the delegation received from President Mario Draghi in the matter of coordinating economic policy and planning public investments of national interest, granted two separate decrees already registered To establish a Governing Council, which will have the task of orienting, strengthening and skilling programmatic activity on the subject of economic policy coordination in the DIEP free of charge. This body will be headed by Professor Marco Leonardi, the head of the DIEP himself. Under Secretary will do the Tabachi with coordination.

League of Suspicion

After hearing the news, Lega said she would present a question to the government in both the Senate and the Chamber regarding the position of the former minister. In particular, Matteo Salvini’s party would like to seek clarification on what objectives the former minister would serve. And especially to understand whether it is true that “there will be a fight that Fornero intends to take and aims to increase the employment rate among the elderly in good health, with an increase in the age of access to the elderly.” Through. -Age Pension”.

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“Abolished quota 100, return to Fornero law unimaginable”. This was stated in a joint note by Senator Nunzia Catalfo of the 5 Star Movement and the Presidents of the Labor and Budget Commissions of the Palazzo Madama Susie Matriciano and Daniele Pesco, who met with the union secretaries of CGIL, CISL and UIL Roberto in the morning. Ghiselli, Ignazio Ganga and Domenico Proetti discussed pension reform. « Quota 100 – say the exponents of the 5 star movement – ​​is an experimental measure, which will expire on 31 December. It is necessary to intervene with extreme urgency and begin in close proximity a complete and organic reform of the social security system, which provides: avenues of flexibility beyond quota 100. cumbersome; assess retirement prospects once the contribution limit of 41 years is reached; Strengthening supplementary pension and intervention on disparity between men and women. “The general plan – they recall – is already in place, it is contained in the report of the Technical Commission responsible for the analysis of the Italian social security system, which in January 2020 initiated a process with social partners, precisely, thank you Conte II government, a proposal, which contains exactly these aspects ”. “We must hurry, the government accelerates. We are just 5 months away from the end of the year”, conclude Catalfo, Matriciano and Pesco


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