“Draghi is well regarded in Moscow as head of state and president of the republic”

AGI – Moscow will closely follow the election of the President of the Italian RepublicA, In light of the renewed conviction of Itala’s leading role in Europe and the Dossier of Common Interest with Russia.

To analyze with AGI the Russian perspective on the future of Quirinale is Tatiana Zonova, one of the leading Russian scholars on relations with Italy, professor at the prestigious Magimo in Moscow, where diplomacy activists are trained.

Against the background of the chronic instability of the Italian governments, The Kremlin has often seen Quirinel as the most convincing negotiator in recent years.,

Since Mario Draghi has been at Palazzo Chigi, however, “President Vladimir Putin’s relationship with the Premier has been more intense” than with Sergio Mattarella., argues Zonova. In Moscow, Draghi is seen as “a rational and reasonable politician who has no interest in lowering the level of relations with Russia”.

The Kremlin leader and the Italian prime minister have heard several times over the phone, he talked – among other things – about migrants, Afghanistan and the pandemic; Putin participated in a video link of the G20 in Rome and Draghi spoke about Russia in a decisive but practical tone at the end of the year conference.

“Especially after the Quirinal Agreement, signed with Emmanuel Macron’s France, As for Moscow, Italy has actually entered the European Union governing troika along with Paris and Berlin.Jonova explains.

“The Economist”, the academic continues, “has chosen you country of the year in 2021, Draghi is viewed with respect both in Russia and in the international arena, and Putin has developed the belief that Italy is indeed a positive contribution to normalization.” Can give. Relations with Brussels Can play the role of a mediator in negotiations between Moscow and NATO, which is a very important point for the Kremlin. And about which the President himself spoke openly in his press conference at the end of the year.

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Another important international document on which Moscow is interested in cooperating with Italy is the “Mediterranean and the Balkans, the latter region of utmost importance” to the Federation, which has close ties with Serbia and Montenegro.

In Russia – where it is already difficult for correspondents in Rome to explain that the election of the Italian president does not involve an electoral campaign and a popular vote – media attention to the appointment has been ignited by the hypothesis of Silvio Berlusconi’s candidacy.

“His name is welcomed here, not only because of his friendship with Putin”, “He is still remembered by us for his contribution to the Pratica di Mare initiative and Russia’s entry into the G8”, explains Zonova.

But for the expert, Russia should try to diversify its relationship with Italian politicians. “Berlusconi is seen as a centre-right conservative and is therefore close to Putin’s positions, but we must develop more active relations with representatives of other political forces and promote a more multidisciplinary approach”, suggests Jonova, “for example, with Matteo Renzi”.

“When I write about Italy”, he explains, “I always quote his words as premiered at Humboldt University in Berlin in 2015: ‘Defining Europe as the equivalent of Russia was a political error. It is a cultural crime, a false historian.’

In light of this, in keeping with the decisive Atlanticism but also Draghi’s cosmic practicality, “hard to say” whether it would be more useful for the Kremlin to keep him in Palazzo Chigi or Quirinale,

“It is clear to all that Italy needs a strong prime minister, especially one to lead the reforms”, Jonova explains, “It seems to me that Draghi is well regarded as prime minister and president of the republic for Russia, but the great unknown of what will happen to the government in the latter case will be revealed”.

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“No one here predicts, but Moscow treats both Draghi and Mattarella with great respect., concluded the academician, who likes to recall the ovation for the outgoing head of state at La Scala last December in his analysis of our country: “The audience asked for a repeat of him not on stage, but in the Quirinale, even though Only for two. Years … “.


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