Edinburgh, Cardiff, Sunderland, but also Brussels!

Edinburgh, Cardiff, Sunderland, but also Brussels!

After the announcement of the opening of talks byEuropean Broadcasting Union (EBU.)) with the UK broadcaster BBCI have many cities United Kingdom who have expressed their desire to hostEurovision Song Contest 2023,

Among the ones we talked about in our last article, others are being added in the last hours.


the capital of Scotland A candidate to host the performance through the words of the MP is Miles Briggs,

It is understandable that, unfortunately, Ukraine may not plan to host Eurovision 2023.

Edinburgh successfully hosted the 17th Eurovision Song Contest in 1972.

Edinburgh and Kyiv have been twin cities for over 30 years and would be the perfect British city to host the 2023 competition.

really, edimiberg Hosted, optionally,Eurovision Song Contest 1972 In usher hall, a location that today would not meet EBU requirements (which we recall take for an area that has between 8000 and 10000 seats). the only suitable place would be there Highland Hall With a capacity of 10,500 located within Royal Highland CenterComplex adjacent to Edinburgh Airport.

70,000-seat amphitheater for Cardiff

The only “Home Nation” missing from the appeal was WalesWhich is running through the motion of three representatives of Welsh politics.

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Leader of the Welsh Conservatives, Andrew RT Davis proposes Princely StadiumA multipurpose sports facility with a capacity of 73,931 people, is located at cardiffThe capital of Wales.

It is a pity that the Eurovision Song Contest cannot be held in the winner’s country next year due to the conflict in Ukraine.

But as runners-up, the UK would undoubtedly have had a great event.

The Principality Stadium in Cardiff will be the perfect venue to host the prestigious competition, showcase one of Wales’ finest venues and show the world the best of Cardiff and Wales.

The leader of Cardiff Council also supported the proposal, Who Thomasand Labor MPs kevin brennan,

Wales With the broadcaster of the Welsh language s4c participated in Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2018 and 2019.

If Millstreet can do it…

to the town SunderlandThe chances of hosting the event seem slim, given that it does not have adequate infrastructure. Despite this the advisor Dominic McDonough Submit your proposal to Twitter.

This will be the ninth time the UK has hosted Eurovision. More than any other country, we intervened after the inability to host other nations. This is the first time since 1998. The campaign to bring them to Sunderland is now starting! If Millstreet can do it….

on joke millstreet refers to the fact that 1993The Irish public broadcaster decided to hold the contest in this small town of just 1,500 residents, located in the Irish countryside near Cork.

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In fact, RT had received a very interesting offer from a citizen of Millstreet, Noel C. Dugganowning to Green Glens Arena, a large covered riding school. Duggan wrote to Irish television executives on the night of Linda Martin in Malmos, The candidacy, which was a primary surprise, immediately received strong support from authorities and businesses, not only at the local level, but also at the national level. Faced with this mobilization and given that Green Glens Arena was extremely well equipped, RTE Millstreet’s candidacy accepted.

For the occasion, the city and all its structures were renovated. But the decision provoked an avalanche of criticism from the European media, participating artists and foreign delegations, who expressed dissatisfaction with the choice of such a small and poorly serviced centre. At first he protested that he had to live in Cork and that he had to take buses and trains every day to reach the rehearsals. He also complained that there was not enough entertainment during the rest period.

Brussels hypothesis

comes from Guardian An interesting suggestion for the next Eurovision Song Contest, British newspaper shows thatThe European Union Will be working on a proposal to move to next year’s competition BrusselsWhere it will be held on behalf of Ukraine, which will become a symbolic gesture of solidarity by the “European Union’s capital” towards a country currently surrounded by Russian troops.

the capital of Belgium hostedEurovision Song Contest only once, in 1987 after the victory of Sandra Kim in Norway,

Brussels Could offer two possible locations. the first is Palace 12, an indoor arena used for concerts and shows with a capacity of approximately 15,000 people. there will be another forest nationalA multipurpose area located in forest, in the southern suburbs of Brussels. The arena can accommodate more than 8,000 people.

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