Edinburgh releases marine wind power

Edinburgh releases marine wind power

Crown Estate Scotland thus grants project developers who have been given a preliminary decision to obtain all necessary permits for the development and construction of offshore wind farms and the right to enter into a definitive agreement to exercise their project option. . The tender for the selection of offshore wind power fields was initiated in 2021 with applications for participation in the tender for 74 wind farm developments. The target set by Crown Estate Scotland and Scottish politicians for the auction included bids for at least 10 gigawatts (GW) of offshore wind farms, which should expand the current one to more than 11 gigawatts of Scottish offshore wind generation capacity. 2030. Now the quantum of selected project proposals is 24.826 GW.

The largest of the projects on offer are plans to build a floating wind farm with three GW by Spanish energy group Iberdrola, a Scottish subsidiary of Scottish Power Renewables. This is followed by a 2.9 GW project of similar magnitude, which British oil company BP is planning in collaboration with Baden-Württemberg energy supplier NBW, and a floating wind 2.6 GW by Scottish energy supplier SSE Renewables. ‘s project. Farm. The Bavarian project planning company Biwa is also involved in a wind farm project of approximately one GW with floating turbines. The developers’ bids included payment of an option fee to Crown Estate Scotland. Successful bids ranged from £10m for 450MW to £86m for 2GW. In total, the bids add up to £700 million, with the authority eventually supposed to be handed over to the Scottish government. If project developers withdraw from a project before final agreement is reached, the next best project that has not yet been awarded will move on, as Crown Estate Scotland explains.

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Now the timetable for the projects that have been selected is not yet known to all. EnBW has now announced that construction of the 2.9 GW project will begin “from 2026/2027” with project partner BP. The project, called Morvain, envisages installations in an 860 square kilometer E1 wind field about 60 kilometers off the coast of the port city of Aberdeen in eastern Scotland.

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