Election Day: Tomorrow we will vote in Britain. All eyes on renewal of Mayor of London

  Election Day: Tomorrow we will vote in Britain.  All eyes on renewal of Mayor of London

An important election day is set for tomorrow, Thursday, after the final round of polling for 2019 politics in Britain. Tomorrow we vote to renew the parliaments of Scotland and Wales, but also for the election of mayors of London and many other cities.

All eyes are on Scotland, where the 129 seats of the Parliament of Edinburgh are renewed. there First minister Nicholas Sturgeon is hoping for a strong confirmation of his Scottish National Party (SNP), Which intends to translate into a mandate to hold a new referendum on the independence of the country which seeks to disassociate itself from the centrality of England. But the elections are not unique and it is unclear whether the SNP will get the majority of the seats. The then unknown factor of the Nationalist Alba Party was founded by former SNP leader Alex Salmond.

64 depots of the Parliament of Wales, Siddade, were also elected yesterday. Here too, as in Scotland, you can vote from the age of 16. Local government has always led Labor, who are leading the election. Outgoing Welsh Prime Minister Mark Drakeford, leader of the local Labor Party, was praised for his anti-Kovid policy and is expected to be reappointed.

There are also several administrative elections, some at their natural end, some others which were postponed due to the epidemic. The most important appointment is for the election of the Mayor and the City Council of London. There are 20 candidates to lead the British capital, many of them independent (see our article with more details on the candidates here).

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The outgoing mayor, Labor Sadiq Khan of Pakistani origin is widely preferred. In some elections it is estimated that he can win by more than 50% of the votes in the first round. In the event of Ballot, he will have to contest with Jamaican-origin conservative Sean Bailey.

The stakes for the mayors of Bristol, Doncaster, Liverpool, North Tyneside and Salford are also at stake. Will also go to the polls to express themselves in the election of mayors of Joint authority, Administrative entities that unite the various cities and regions of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, Greater Manchester, Liverpool City Region, Tees Valley, West Midlands, England and West Yorkshire.

The December 2019 elections marked a victory for conservatives under current Prime Minister Boris Johnson, as Labor lost their strongholds, resulting in the resignation of their leader Jeremy Corbyn. Apart from London, where the party appears to be solid, Starr will carefully follow the trend of the vote to understand the orientation of voters in different parts of the country.

You can participate in the election in three ways. Elections to open from 7 am to 10 pm; By postal vote, for which the request was not to be completed by 20 April or by a delegate, before 27 April, unless the delegation was attached to isolate itself or for other health needs.

But it will not be the only novelty introduced due to Kovid during the day yesterday. The rules of social disturbance will, in fact, be consistent with these elections. Polling stations have to follow strict indications set by the government. For their part, voters are invited to bring pens and pencils with them, so as to avoid the mixed use of markers.

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()Left Sadiq Khan and Shaun Bailey in the photo above)


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