Elections between Brexit and Europe: Scottish head of government wants new independence referendum – politics

Elections between Brexit and Europe: Scottish head of government wants new independence referendum - politics

The Prime Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, wants a second independence referendum in the British part of the country before the next general election. In Edinburgh’s Scottish Parliament on Wednesday, Sturgeon said it should be a choice between Brexit and “the future for Scotland as an independent European nation”. She wants to make the necessary laws for this. The system of government in London does not serve the interests of their country.

In the first referendum on independence in 2014, a narrow majority of Scots (55 per cent) voted against secession from Britain. However, in the 2016 Brexit referendum, Scots were even more conspicuous in favor of Britain remaining in the European Union (62nd).

For an independence referendum in Scotland, government approval in London is required. British Prime Minister Theresa May has repeatedly clarified that she does not consider a referendum in Scotland appropriate. This attitude has not changed, a government spokesman said on Wednesday.

According to Sturgeon, a second referendum on Scottish independence should take place by May 2021 that Great Britain soon leave the European Union. The next election will take place in Scotland in 2021.

Despite the British government’s negative attitude towards the re-election of the independence referendum, Sturgeon was convinced Wednesday about the prospects of the success of his project. If the demand for independence picks up, “no UK government can harm the will of the people,” she said.

Majority of Scots against independence

However, Sturgeon’s call for a referendum cannot be trusted with the will of the Scottish majority. According to surveys, a narrow majority of Scots are still against independence. While only a minority is in favor of a referendum within the next two years, the majority may envisage a new referendum during the next decade. (dpa / ame)

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