Elizabeth will nominate a new prime minister from Scotland, better not to travel

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In an unprecedented move, Queen Elizabeth may appoint the new British prime minister to her residence in Scotland, Balmoral Castle, where she currently stands, and may not begin the long trip to London on the advice of doctors. This was reported by the daily Sun, raising fears for the sovereign’s health conditions.
The Queen will have to appoint a new prime minister after elections to be held in early September. Typically, the ceremony is held at Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle, which the Queen was expected to do at the end of her summer break which began in late July.
But since late last year, the 96-year-old monarch has been suffering from mobility issues that have kept him from fulfilling many of his official commitments and is reportedly preparing contingency plans to find alternative solutions. Prince Charles’ ‘unusual’ visits to his mother, which have become more and more regular, have also raised concerns about the Queen’s health conditions.

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