Elsa Fornero age, career and personal life of economist

elsa Fornero

it’s making people argue news of a task Force Economic Adviser who will report directly to (DIEP) desired by Prime Minister Mario Draghi, that he will see among the experts Elsa Fornero, which which Will give his contribution free of cost. For example, the union did not stand to see the appointment of an economist and began A parliamentary question on the role. Salvini, questioning the Minister of Labor and Social Policy, Andrea Orlando, said that “Undoubtedly the choice of Elsa Fornero is not synonymous with peace and quiet with respect to any pension measures, even in light of the imminent end of the quota 100 test”. Let’s recreate Elsa Fornero’s long career together. Why does his name make most people tremble? we remember His academic career, anecdotes and curiosities.

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Who is Elsa Fornero: full course, career and personal life of the economist

elsa fornero was born on 7 May 1948 in San Carlo Canavis (TO). She is an economist and academic who was in the government of Monti from 16 November 2011 to 28 April 2013. Welfare Minister with the responsibility of equal opportunities. She is the second woman in the history of the Italian Republic after Tina Anselmi to head this ministry. Full Professor of Economics at the University of Turin, Vice President of the San Paolo Company and D. associates of “Sun 24 Hours”, She is an expert in social security systems. His research has been mostly devoted to the problem of system sustainability, that is, how to ensure that contracted Social Security loans are honored with future generations.

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During her academic career, Elsa Fornero has held many major roles and received various awards: from the position of scientific coordinator of CERP (Center for Research on Pension and Welfare Policy, Collegio Carlo Alberto) to member of the editorial committee of the Journal of the Italian Economist. Fornero was also the deputy chairman of the supervisory board of Intesa Sanpaolo (2010–2011) and a member of Mayopop’s scientific committee (2000–2003).

elsa fornero

It has received various awards over the years: from the St. Vincent Award for Economy to the Fair d’Oros.

Elsa Fornero also got many awards, including the Saint Vincent Prize for the Economy in 2001 and “La Mela d’Oro” from the Marisa Bellisario Foundation in 2011. His first political experience was that of a municipal councilor for the municipality of Turin, who was elected with a list. “Alliance to Turin”. He held this position with commitment from 1993 to 1998. However, his name is attached at the top Reform of the pension system of the Monti government. Collective imagination in the tears elsa fornero During his speech, he introduced the law that would later take his name. Overwhelmed by emotion during the press conference, she had to interrupt her speech as she was unable to pronounce the word. “to leave”. Among the prestigious positions of the member of the Board of Directors in recent years Turin’s Centrale del Latte as an independent director.

Fornero held this role until the approval of the financial statements on 31 December 2016. Today she will face another commitment: along with Mauro Magatti, Silvia Scosze, Anna Maria Tarantola and Giuseppe de Rita, she will be part of the technicians of the task force created by her. Prime Minister Draghi to support the department for planning and coordinating economic policy.

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elsa fornero

Elsa Fornero is married to Mario Deglio

of personal life elsa fornero Little is known: she has been married for many years Mario Deglio, Full Professor of Economics at the University of Turin, with whom he has two children: Sylvia, Associate Professor in Medical Genetics at the same University, and Andrea, Director. Also Read Article -> Pension, Draghi sends “Quota 100” to Attari: Option under consideration by government


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