Emanuel Felice, censor of government appointments, who is appointed by the government

Emanuel Felice, censor of government appointments, who is appointed by the government

The former head of economics of the Democratic Party, who, together with Deputy Secretary Provenzano, had activated the campaign against the “liberal” task force of Palazzo Chigi, would join the task force for the South foreshadowing in the PNRR. good work no more pleas please

One thing, at least, right now Pepe Provenzano You can rest assured: the columns of government advisors are not that narrow. In fact, they’re big enough to contain the name of Emanuel Felice. In fact, it would be he, the former economic manager of Pd di Zingaretti, the Responsible for the Ministry of Labor in the Commission for the Revision of the Rules on Incentives and Investments for the South, which will be set up between today and tomorrow as prepared by the NRP under the chairmanship of the Council.

The ministry, led by Mara Carfagna, will coordinate the activities of the group, which has been called upon to provide Chambers with “a draft bill on incentives for businesses based in the south” by September 30. Each of the decasteries involved has indicated a representative.

And Andrea Orlando, who heads the Provenzano Current, pointed to Felice, a professor of economics at the University of Pescara. To unite him in Provenzano, however, does not belong only to a single region of the left wing. The campaign against the recent appointment by Chigi, along with tweets, articles in newspapers and public petitions, has been shared with five advisors deemed “ultra liberal”, and therefore ineligible to be assessed on public investment. is.

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“But update, if not the readings, columns of some councilors in Chigi?” Provenzano asked himself on Twitter. Clearly ignoring this, in the context of Diep’s appointment, Palazzo Chigi also launched a new task force dealing with the recovery plan, which had already included a member of the Roman Democratic Party in Roberto Gualtieri’s secretariat. And that Sylvia Skoczez was put in charge. A few months ago in Bisconte the head of the cabinet of the Minister of the South, namely Provenzano. Now, Felice’s appointment should confirm that yes, the leadership of the government is broad enough. Democratic Party people, perhaps, a little less.


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