England game completely open to fans – even without proof of vaccination – Sport in coronavirus pandemic – more sports

England game completely open to fans - even without proof of vaccination - Sport in coronavirus pandemic - more sports

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Monday (07/05/2021) that the goal was to lift all restrictions on the entry of fans into the stands by 19 July. “We will repeal all legal restrictions and let the people make their own decisions”Johnson said. “All restrictions inside and outside will be lifted. Restrictions on the number of people going to concerts, theater performances or sporting events will be lifted.” A vaccination certificate doesn’t have to be presented in original, reports the “Times.” Unless the organizer requests it.

The easing is the opposite of current development: in Great Britain, the number of infections is currently increasing rapidly, due to the delta version of the coronavirus. The seven day event in the UK is now closer to 252.7. In Germany the value is currently 5.0.

Government: Vaccinations reduce hospitalizations and deaths

Why is the UK government doing this? According to the Guardian, the Prime Minister’s Office said vaccination against the virus was the cause. Even as the number of infections increases, the number of hospitalizations and the number of deaths remains at a very low level.

In fact, the seven-day event has more than quadrupled since the start of the European Football Championship in early June, according to Johns Hopkins University, but the number of daily deaths has barely increased. Number of people hospitalized with Kovid-19 rose according to government data About half the incident.

The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) is still warning of the delta variant of the coronavirus. According to the EU authority, the easing could lead to a rapid spread and thus a rapid and significant increase in daily cases, hospital stays and deaths. One reason for this is the fact that diversity is more contagious. As a result people in risk groups have a higher risk of transmission. In addition, many people have not yet received a second vaccination.

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