England in mourning: Queen Elizabeth passed away at the age of 96. son carlo the new king

 England in mourning: Queen Elizabeth passed away at the age of 96.  son carlo the new king

london – Queen Elizabeth of England died this afternoon who was in Scottish residence of Balmoral, All 4 kids were in his bed after the news of this.”serious medical conditions”, Charles, who came first with his wife Camilla after heir to the throne – the Prince Anna, Andrea and Edoardo, second, third and fourth children of the sovereign and the late Prince Philip. Edoardo is accompanied by his wife Sophie, daughter-in-law who has been very close to Elizabeth II in recent years. It also confirmed the arrival of Prince William, the Queen’s grandson and the second in the line of succession after his father, Charles. Elizabeth, the last Queen of England and the longest reigning monarch in history It had overcome crises, family disputes, scams and even Covid.

Elizabeth IIand left at 96 after 70 years of rule: She actually ascended the throne in 1952: she went to the Palace of Balmoral where she had spent the summer and only on Tuesdays received the outgoing premier, Boris Johnson, and the new, Liz Truss. The sovereign, who showed himself publicly but delicately at Balmoral’s Scottish residence two days earlier to hand over to the head of the British government between Boris Johnson and Liz Truss, is the number 15 of his 70 years of rule. He was already forced to leave a virtual meeting yesterday, “Following a reassessment of her condition this morning, the Queen’s doctors expressed concern and recommended that she remain under medical observation,” the palace’s note read. The court maintains that Her Majesty remains “at rest at Balmoral” and that her close family members, apparently from heir to the throne Charles, have been informed.

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