Er Pugile, sweeper anthropologist and mock technician. Mayor Gualtieri. The “Roman Junta”

  Er Pugile, sweeper anthropologist and mock technician.  Mayor Gualtieri.  The

He had announced the option of dreams. Instead, the appointments of Rome’s new First Citizen seem like a hot soup. So much so that the Democratic Party representative has captured more than half of the proxies.

He had announced a dream team. A junta to make Rome “reborn”. Head of the cabinet, starting with the pivot shape of the junta. And it must be for this reason that the mayor will use the valuable expertise of Roberto Gualtieri. Albino Ruberty Known As “Er Boxer”, Who is he? Well, the albino is a character of the Roman Democratic Party. a particular type. In London they will display it in a display case at the Natural History Museum. In May 2020, in complete lockdown, that is to say, while everyone had to remain locked in the living room, he was caught by police eating and singing at a friend’s house on a terrace via Macerata in Pignato. Everyone was locked in the house, and he – who was in the Lazio region at the time, was in charge of establishing what was and was not appropriate to do during the lockdown – celebrated with wine and raw fish. The albino “er boxer” seems to have resisted the rough-and-tumble ways of justifying his nickname, but at the same time the dear and old “you don’t know who I am”. Zingaretti’s collaborators. See you again! The police got furious and fined him. He now heads the cabinet along with Gualtieri.

But the matter does not end here. As Checo Zaalone would say, Gualtieri has a very strong team. The city has already changed its name to: “La Ginta Romanella” (the hot pasta dish is called “Romanella”). After “Er Pugil”, the second ability on which Gualtieri can count is actually sabrina alphonsi, Being an anthropologist and antiquarian, apparently she would … deal with garbage. The state of emergency that has taken away the sleep of managers and engineers with experience in the fields of recycling, composting and logistics, is therefore entrusted to this beautiful lady whose first quality is to be the champion of preferences in the PD of the historic center. , most votes, Not figs. Overwhelmed by preferences.

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While the deputy mayor and councilor for the budget, Sylvia Scozzi, Ignazio Marino’s former councillor, was instead brought in by Dario Franceschini. The Scottish, no one knows why, called them “technical evaluators”. So “technical”, not so political, that when Franceschini asked him six years ago to resign and leave Marino, he resigned immediately. But anyway: technical. like Tobia Zevi, great nickname. The new councilor for the house was part of Paolo Gentiloni’s cabinet in the Palazzo Chigi. But it didn’t fix the sync. It is now capitalized as it has always been “forced” by Gentiloni, who is in theory in Brussels but actually mixes everything between trigoria and chicory.

Someone remembered yesterday that Virginia Raggi had appointed Expedia’s CEO as a tourism councillor. Instead Gualtieri is alessandro onoratoShare circolo annie. Tiber’s rovers. But there is good news. Since the company he amassed has so much hatred for him, the mayor has kept more than half of the proxies: investment, climate, investment, personnel, PNR, security, digital transition, university… all.


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