EU prepares for COP climate conference in November –

EU prepares for COP climate conference in November -

Environment ministers from EU countries met for informal exchanges in Brodo pri Kranju, Slovenia. The main focus was on preparations for the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow in November.

Slovenian Environment Minister Ledi Vijjak said the purpose of the discussion was to analyze the current situation and progress, as well as find out what still needed to be done for the conference.

Vijjak, who chaired the meeting as a representative of the Slovenian EU Council Presidency, described the talks as “extremely helpful”. In the press conference after the afternoon session on Tuesday, he again pointed to the four main goals of the COP26 conference: mitigation, adaptation, financing and cooperation in matters of climate protection.

The European “Fit for 55” legislative package that ministers discussed this morning is as important as progress at the international level, the minister said: “The political spotlight will certainly be Global Ambitions are in the areas of climate change mitigation, as well as strengthening funding commitments and general policy to adapt to climate change.”

Visjak noted the EU’s role as a global leader and promised that “we will do everything in our power” to achieve concrete results at the climate summit in Scotland.

He then emphasized: “We all agree that on the one hand the rules of the Paris Climate Agreement must be met, but on the other hand – given the global situation – discussions about financial obligations beyond the year 2025 should also begin.” “

Now is the time to raise ambitions and commitment at all levels, Visjak said.

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G20 and other meetings

The Slovenian minister said he believed that all past international events before the summit in Glasgow should be used to prepare and once again encourage the EU’s global partners for global agreements. One such event is likely to be the G20 environment ministers meeting in Naples on Thursday.

COP26 President Alok Sharma, who also attended the meeting in Slovenia, said he saw the Glasgow summit as a “important moment” for the whole world. The European Union with its diplomatic prowess is the most important actor to achieve the goal of 1.5 degree global warming. He praised Slovenia for setting a good example and presenting a long-term strategy in which it promises to be carbon neutral by 2050.

He also mentioned the topic of financing: donor countries should increase their financial climate commitments by 2025. He wants countries to show a “clear way” ahead of COP26 on how to achieve the $100 billion annual grant from industrialized countries to developing countries for climate finance.

Sharma invited Visjak to another large-scale ministerial meeting in London later this week to clarify what results are to be achieved in Glasgow.

Timmermann: EU countries have to adapt to higher climate goals

EU member states have agreed to achieve climate neutrality by 2050 and to increase their climate goals for 2030. This means the union will have to adapt its entire climate policy, including the emissions trading system, said EU climate commissioner Frans Timmermann.


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