European, British government fear new wave of cases

European, British government fear new wave of cases

Wembley fans transition

The UK government fears that fans attending Weebley Stadium on the occasion Europeans semi-finals, which saw Italy and Spain challenging each other with the victory of the Azzurri national team, can infection increased in the country With other spectators scheduled for England-Denmark.

60,000 fans at Wembley: “risk of infection”

Kwasi Quarteng, the State Deputy Secretary for Economic Affairs, Energy and Industrial Strategy, actually said in an interview that the risk of new outbreaks can be managed but not completely excluded: “If you have thousands of people in one place the risk is there, But I think we are handling it and I am sure there will not be a big increase in cases. however I can’t even guarantee it won’t happen“.

It is therefore feared that the decision of the British authorities to loosen anti-Covid restrictions and expand the number of fans admitted to the stands will turn the sporting event into a maxi diffuser of infection. On the occasion of Italy-Spain The number of recruited viewers was actually increased to 60,000., as against 20 thousand present during Italy-Austria.

60,000 fans at Wembley: Quarteng on transition and restrictions

The official exponent also expressed his opinion on thisElimination of major sanctions in the United Kingdom Anti-Covid with reopening of nightclubs, elimination of mandatory use of masks in indoor clubs and social distancing. he told that He will continue to wear protective gear when he gets on the subway of London, which he called a personal decision, not “something that should be imposed on other people“.

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In the end, he said reopening everything before young people were vaccinated was a conscious choice. infections will increaseHe is aware of it, but according to him the best way is to try to bring children and youth back to school and normal life. However, many experts have called it a political decision without scientific evidence.

60 thousand fans at Wembley: number of infections

Concerns have also been raised by data shared by the Scottish Department of Public Health that, su 32 thousand Scottish nationals tested positive covid Between 11 and 28 June, 1.991 At least one of them has participated in an event related to whitesWhether it’s a game at Hampden Park or an event at Wembley, Glasgow Green Fan Zone, or an informal meeting in a bar or a private home to watch the game in the evening.


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