Excitement Negotiations Latest: Pelosi calls into question deals

Excitement Negotiations Latest: Pelosi calls into question deals

Democrats in California specifically blamed differences over tax provisions for their current views, but made it clear that broader negotiations nowhere appear to be close to a positive resolution, people said.

Pelosi and Munuchin will speak by phone on Thursday afternoon, marking a new discussion between the provocative negotiators, according to a familiar source.

Pelosi’s private call echoes criticism from Republicans during months of heated negotiations early Thursday – that the Trump administration is unwilling to do what is needed on the financial side of things just to take into account the depth of economic problems. Created by the epidemic.

Republicans say it is now up to Pelosi to deal with the approximately 1. 6.6 trillion proposal that Munich put to the table on Wednesday, which is hundreds of billions of dollars more than the ડે 2.2 trillion plan that House Democrats could vote on early next Thursday.

Pelosi said during his weekly news conference that he “hopes we can reach an understanding” on the bilateral deal, but nevertheless made it clear that the two sides are not on the same page on key issues.

“We’re in the barracks on certain things,” Pelosi said. And added, “There is still a long way to go in terms of state and local government.” He also said Democrats are “worried about enough money to meet the unemployment needs of the American people.”

Pelosi also hinted that the House is likely to move forward by voting on a Democratic proposal at a later stage, which is not expected to be taken up by the GOP-led Senate.

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“I hope we vote on it today,” Pelosi said of the law.

Leaders of both the White House and the House Democrats are struggling with internal party divisions over how to move forward in the stimulus talks.

For months, moderate Democrats in the House have been pushing their leadership to get back on the table and get deals on stimulus with the White House. Multiple sources told the familiar CNN that now that it stands almost silent, dozens of House Democrats could vote against the amended Democratic Heroes Act if it were put on the floor next Thursday.

Fourteen democratic members Back in the spring you voted against the original Heroes Act, Argued that it was not a plan that would be signed by the President. House leaders are confident they will still have votes, but tensions indicate why Democratic leaders want to introduce one more day to negotiate between Pelosi and Munchin.

Those negotiations are still a long way off.

Towards the Senate, G.O.P. Lawmakers are growing uneasy over reports that M. Tr is pulling in more than a trillion dollars in payments to Pelosi. Multiple GOPs The senators told CNN. That said numbers could be a big issue, pushing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to finally choose if he is willing to put a bill on the floor that would lose a large number of its members.

Anything over $ 1 trillion would be difficult, said Sen. Chuck Grassley, chairman of the Senate Finance Committee and an Iowa Republican. “There’s a real upheaval between Republicans going for more than 1 1 trillion and 1 1 trillion.”

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The story has been updated on Thursday with additional developments.

CNN’s Haley Byrd contributes to this report.


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