extra money required in maneuvers

extra money required in maneuvers

Infrastructure for mobility, but facilities for welcoming and caring for people and paying special attention to the care of the city. Roberto Gualtieri launched its dossier for jubilee for 2025, with an additional fund of 1.5 billion for Capital, included in the maneuver: “an event of planetary significance and of extraordinary spiritual and universal significance”, which will be one of the deadlines to circle in red on the new mayor’s agenda. « This is a great responsibility for Rome and Italy and also an opportunity to make the city more beautiful and more welcoming for the millions of pilgrims who come from all over the world. Rome must be ready, and I am already working on the necessary interventions and resources, as well as the most effective governance that will be defined together with the government – underlines Gualtieri – for that. Will meet with the Prime Minister and the Holy See, and I will attend the institutional table for the jubilee that I established as Minister of the Economy with the last budget legislation, including several ministers, the Speaker of the Lazio Region and four representatives of parliament Huh.

Rome, Gualtieri Technician Wants: Also at least 3. Scottish for the Budget

Planned interventions for the Holy Years and their funding are important: the existing resources provided by the NRP, supplementary funds and other sources of financing are integrated with additional resources that the former economy minister has requested the government to allocate. Budget law: “Govt-approved NADEF provides space for this allocation”. Gualtieri lists the main interventions starting with the new tramway: “The closure of the railway ring (which will be built in early 2022 with single track) should be accelerated and between Vigna Clara and Tor di Quinto and should double the tracks of the Rome-Viterbo relationship by 2025, which requires an additional $60 million in funding – he explains – then we need to strengthen the rail link between Termini and Fiumicino and the main railway stations and neighboring should work to redevelop the areas, starting with San Pietro, Termini, Ostiense and Trastevere ». In addition, “we will carry out redevelopment and walking interventions around the Vatican, through the della Consiliazione and in the areas of the Basilica , and the exceptional maintenance of Lungotevar, the bridges and ferries on the Tiber we will make navigable with an additional 25. 15 million available from the Development and Reconciliation Fund ».

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By 2025 “an extraordinary maintenance of the road surface in Rome will also be completed – explains Campidoglio’s new tenant – as well as our integrated mobility system based on a single app by then, which will be available as soon as June 2022 and Then it got progressively stronger. Equally important should be the construction of Grab, the great ring road of bicycles, already funded by the Ministry of Infrastructure, which represents a major urban regeneration project for us, as well as alternative and Gives a significant boost in favor of non-pollution mobility ». Then they will perform specific tasks for the Jubilee, “such as preparing areas for large gatherings, but completing unfinished tasks and interfering with a strong social and symbolic value , starting from the periphery and the care of the people – declares Gualtieri – we will also promote targeted investments on pilgrimage routes, such as the Via Francigena, which will have to be defined in the agreement with the Lazio region ». For the pilgrims, “we believe that it is necessary to create reception centers and medical facilities – he further added – we will also take measures aimed at making their stay as comfortable as possible, even services such as the installation of water houses Will also be made with Asia”.

Gualtieri plans “to take advantage of the jubilee to enhance waste collection and comprehensive services, as well as a decisive redevelopment of the banks of the Tiber – underlined by the mayor of the capital – in the end, but it is of fundamental importance, us Rome.” Should receive the birth anniversary as the capital of hospitality and the relentless fight against poverty and marginalization. From this year onwards we will be united for the cold, against hunger and for the first welcome, to fully protect the dignity of every individual. Will work on the great plan. For this reason, “we will return to develop our business for inclusion and solidarity, and we will create a great partnership with the voluntary sector, the third sector, and many extraordinary associations that care for our most fragile partner.” will do so within the framework of the agreement. Citizen”.


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