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  #Faktenfuchs: Our Team |  BR24

BR24 belongs to BR program area news.

The editor-in-chief of BR24 is Wolfgang Wichl. His deputy is Gudrun Riddle, who also developed the #Faktenfuchs format. Janina Luckoff is the head of the #FactsFox team at BR24 and a writer. The core team is responsible for research, writing and editing.

Janina Luckoff (TeamLead, Author): Janina Luckoff has been the TeamLead of BR24-#FactsFox since October 2020. He studied journalism at Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich and worked for several media as an intern and freelance activist: from the news desk of the city magazine PRINZ to N24/ProSieben to the Süddeutsche Zeitung, where he worked for regional editorials. did. Office Dachau was active. After graduating, she went straight to Bayerischer Rundfunk: Janina Lakoff was for many years an editor and presenter at the information radio station BR, B5 Actuel. From 2015 to 2020 he reported as a correspondent from ARD Capital Studio, with a focus on Domestic and Migration Policy, Development Policy and the Bundesden 90 / Die Grünen Party.

Fabian Dilger (Author): Fabian Dilger has been with Bayerischer Rundfunk since 2020, including #Faktenfuchs. He studied German Medieval Studies, History and American Studies and is a graduate of the German School of Journalism in Munich. Fabian Dilger works as a freelance journalist in the print and audio sectors, including Sudeutsch Zeitung, Funk and Münchner Merkur. He was awarded the Otto Brenner Prize for the podcast “The First Day of AFD”.

Max Gilbert (Author): Max Gilbert worked as a local reporter in Hamburg and then attended the German School of Journalism (DJS) in Munich. He has worked in the political department of the Süddeutsche Zeitung and in the business department of the NDR. He also worked in the Munich office of the DPA and as a writer. During his apprenticeship he did fact checks and worked as a fact checker for the radio format “Valulis Daily”. Max Gilbert has been part of the BR24 #fact Fox team since January 2021.

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go higli (Author): Jana Heigl studied American Studies, Foreign Policy and Journalism at Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich and American University in Washington, DC. She completed her training at the German School of Journalism, with the Bayerischer Rundfunk and the Tagespiegel station. During her studies, she sat on PolitiFact and volunteered for the fact check platform Wollendas.org. She has been working for #Faktenfuchs since January 2021.

Elizabeth Kagermeier (Author): Elisabeth Kagermeier studied politics and communication science in Munich and Washington, DC, and then attended the German School of Journalism. She has been working for Bayerischer Rundfunk since 2018, initially as a radio reporter and online editor. She has been a part of the #Faktenfuchs team since 2020 and loves to tackle rumors about the federal election and USA issues. She is currently developing a YouTube format for #Faktenfuchs. She also writes independently, for example for Die Zeit.

Patrizia Kramliczek (Author, Tools Officer): Patrizia Kramliczek reports on propaganda campaigns at #Faktenfuchs, among other things, and keeps the tool set up to date for research and verification. After his daily newspaper apprenticeship, a doctorate in literary studies and a few positions in print media, he turned to Bayerischer Rundfunk and online journalism. This includes mobile reporting with live reporting from on-site and still includes current editorial services on BR24. In 2016 she helped establish and continues to be involved in the media enablement project “So Wheat Median” for ARD, ZDF and Deutschlandradio. In workshops for school children, students and teachers, she talks about fake news and the tools available to combat it.

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Julia Leu (Author): Julia Ley has been with #Faktenfuchs since mid-2019. After studying in England, he trained as an editor at the German School of Journalism in Munich. He then worked for the Sudeutsche Zeitung for two years as a news and political editor. She has been working as a freelance journalist since 2018, joining Bayerischer Rundfunk and Deutschlandfunk Kultur.

yvon meier (Author): Yvonne Meier is a science journalist and presenter for Bayerischer Rundfunk. Since her Tri-Media apprenticeship at BR, she has been particularly interested in new media, everything that has to do with digital and podcasts. For example, she also tackles the possibilities that augmented reality offers for journalistic storytelling. She was the co-developer and co-author of the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation’s multimedia AR project “Liberation”, which was nominated for a Grimm Online Award in 2021. On #faktenfuchs she researches false knowledge, among other things, and has a particular passion for explaining how the human brain leads us to draw false conclusions from data and studies.

Bernd Oswald (Author): Bernd Oswald has been working for #Faktenfuchs since 2018. He studied journalism and political science in Munich and graduated from the German School of Journalism. From 2001 to 2009 he was editor at sueddeutsche.de, most recently head of the news department. Since 2009 he has been working as a freelance journalist on topics at the interface of media, internet and politics. He is also active as a journalistic trainer on the topics of online research and verification.

Sophie Rohrmeier (Author): Sophie Rohrmeier studied German, philosophy and psychology in Munich and at the University of Leeds in Great Britain. Prior to #Faktenfuchs he worked for Münchner Merkur, for the Süddeutsche Zeitung in the regional, for the German Press Agency (dpa) and for Zeit Online. Before she was a Bayern reporter for the regional journalism project #D17, she completed her journalism training, apprenticeship at the DPA in Frankfurt and Berlin. He has been with #Faktenfuchs since 2018. As a trainer, she conducts fact check workshops for students, teachers and journalists.

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friedrich wiffler (Author): Friederike Wipfler has been working for Bayerischer Rundfunk since 2018 as the author of #Faktenfuchs, Current Reporting and Controversy. Apart from fact checking, she likes to work on in-depth research on social grievances at home and abroad. He studied international relations and economics in Scotland and French-speaking Switzerland. After completing her master’s degree in journalism in London, she interned at the ARD studio there and then completed a tri-media apprenticeship at BR.

Since the #Faktenfuchs team also works with reporters from Bayerischer Rundfunk’s specialist editorial offices and with reporters from the ARD Network, other author names sometimes appear in the #Faktenfuchs format that are not part of the core team.


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