Farewell to Sean Connery, Scottish patriot who conquered the world

Farewell to Sean Connery, Scottish patriot who conquered the world

Rome, October 31 – Sean Connery left us at the age of 90. only James Bond, First Secret Agent 007: The most loved … and the best. But Connery was too much: a reserved man, strong and above all connected to his homeland, Scotland.

Connery, in fact, was born in 1930 in Edinburgh in a working-class environment: his father Joseph Connery, a Scottish farmer and truck driver, was the son of Irish immigrants while his mother, Euphemia “Effie” McBain, was a Scottish waitress. At just sixteen years old, Connery decides that school is not for him, and joins the British Navy. And it is precisely in this period that the Scottish actor decided to make two tattoos, with disparate meanings: “Scotland Forever” (“Scotland Forever”) and “Mom and Dad” (“Mom and Dad”).

After doing everything possible, he then competed in Mr Universo, apparently competing for Scotland: he finished third. So Connery made a big leap to get into show business. In London, in full swing, in 1962, he was selected to play the role of James Bond by Albert Broccoli and Harry Saltzman, the British Secret Agent heroes of Ian Fleming’s novels, a role that Sean immortalized and featured in seven films. Done (including out of a series).

But in his explanation Marnie, By Alfred Hitchcock in science fiction Zardoz By John Bormann, gorgeous The man who wanted to be king John john houston, Robin E. Marian (Connery is fond of Robin Hood, we’ll see later) and is in his eighties Highlander – The Last Immortal (1986) with an epic Christopher Lambert in Scottish Sauce by Russell Mulcahy.

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Connectory also has a relationship with Italy: what else. In 1986 he actually played the role of Guglielmo da Basquerville Name of rose By Jean-Jacques Annad, based on the novel of the same name, written by Umberto Eco. Oscar comes in 1987 thanks to which The Untouchables In 1991 he returned to the Robin Hood scene: This time, however, he played the role of Richard the Lionheart Robin hood prince of thiers. Connery received a one-time compensation of $ 250,000 for just one minute (two days of work) and donated the money to charity.

Connery is a vegetarian, and his commitment to Scotland and his independence have made him an icon for the Scots: he supported the campaign for Scotland’s independence in a 2014 referendum, supporting the Scottish National Party (SNP) , Financially and with public appearances. Connery never separated from his wilt, especially on important occasions: he dressed it even when he was appointed Sir by Queen Elizabeth. In 1998, however, due to his passion for Scottish independence, the emperor refused to name him. In 2000, the appointment ensued, amid controversy over those who did not consider it right that he was made the Knight of the Crown: so Sir Sean knelt before the Queen to receive the honor. “It is a great honor for Scotland. And for me this is the proudest day of my life, ā€¯commented Connery. Several people in his country of origin asked him to return to live in Edinburgh, to which Connery replied: “I never really left”, and showed the world his tattoo: “Scotland Forever”.

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