Federal parliament election 2021 (Hessen): results in the constituency Main-Kinzig – Wetterau II – Schöten

Federal parliament election 2021 (Hessen): results in the constituency Main-Kinzig - Wetterau II - Schöten

What is the result of the federal election 2021 in Main-Kinzig – Wetterau II – Schöten constituency? How did individual parishes vote? You can find the number here.

The constituency of Hessen – Main-Kinzig – Wetterau II – Schöten will be number 175 in the 2021 federal election. It is one of a total of 22 constituencies in the state of Hesse. The constituency’s area has remained unchanged since the last election. Mercur.de shows you results for the entire constituency as well as for individual cities and municipalities. (Election data, live ticker, background coverage – all information about federal elections 2021 can be found in our politics newsletter.)

Direct candidates and parties for the 2021 federal election

On the ballot in the state of Hesse, voters can choose from 23 state lists of parties with their second vote. In 2021, eight direct candidates will contest for the federal election in the constituency of Main-Kinzig – Wetterau II – Schöten. From the first vote, voters can vote for the following people:

  • Johannes Thomas Maria Wigelmann (CDU)
  • Betina Muller (SPD)
  • Marianna Harder-Kuhnell (AFD)
  • Andrea Clara Rahan-Fur (FDP)
  • Nut Maximilian Kiesel (Green)
  • Stella Louise Smith (Die Link)
  • Carsten Hildebrandt (free voter)
  • Brigitte Meyer-Simon (base)

Constituency Results Main-Kinzig – Wetterau II – Schöten in the form of an interactive map

about development Bundestag elections in the Main-Kinzig constituency are also fuldaerzeitung.de. reports to*. You can find more data and statistics from the 2021 federal election on our interactive map with all results for constituencies and municipalities.

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Local results in the 2017 federal election

In the last general election, eight candidates were admitted to the constituency of Main-Kinzig – Wetterau II – Schöten. The direct mandate was won by Peter Tauber from the CDU with 36.4% of the vote. Opposing candidates were: Bettina Müller (SPD, 28.3%), Mariana Iris Harder-Kuhnel (AFD, 14.8%), Pierre Kurth (FDP, 6.3%), Dirk Udo Methfesel (Die Link, 5.9%), Mathias Zach (Green). , 5.4%), Ulrike Majunke (free voter, 2.1%), Daniele Lachman (NPD, 0.9%).

In the last federal election, the parties with the second vote in the constituency’s area got the following results:

  • CDU: 31.7%
  • SPD: 23,6%
  • Green: 7.1%
  • Die Link: 6.6%
  • AFD: 15.4%
  • FDP: 10.4%
  • Pirates: 0.4%
  • NPD: 0,9%
  • Open Voters: 1.2%
  • Party: 0.8%
  • Buso: 0.0%
  • MLPD: 0,0%
  • BGE: 0.2%
  • DKP: 0.0%
  • DM: 0.2%
  • DP: 0.2%
  • Animal Welfare Party: 1.2%
  • V-Party³: 0.2%

What will be related to the constituency of Main-Kinzig – Wetterau II – Schöten in the 2021 federal election?

About 233,900 people live in the constituency of Main-Kinzig – Wetterau II – Schöten. relating to a constituency in a federal election

  • Bad Orb, Bad Soden-Salmünster, Bibergemund, Birstein, Brachtal, Florsbachtal, Freigericht, Gelnhausen, Grundau, Josgrund, Linsengericht, Schluchtern, Sintl, Steinau an der Strae, Main-Kinzig district, Wachtersbach district and Manor district
  • The community of Schöten from the Vogelsbergkreis,
  • From the community Altenstadt, Büdingen, Gedern, Glauburg, Hirzenhain, Kefenrod, Limeshain, Ortenberg Wetteraukreis.

Other constituencies in the area

Directly adjacent to the constituency are the Main-Kinzig – Wetterau II – Schöten (175) constituencies:

  • Casting (173)
  • Fulda (174)
  • Waitrou I (177)
  • Hanau (180)
  • Aschaffenburg (247)
  • Bad Kissingen (248)
  • Main-Specert (249)
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All results of federal elections 2021

On mercur.de you will find a detailed description of all the results of the federal election 2021, with details of the gains, losses and the new distribution of seats in parliament. We also provide you all the available data regarding the status of the counting of votes on the day of elections at the level of constituencies, cities and municipalities. *fuldaerzeitung.de is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.


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