Film about the passion for the painter


Passion for art can become passion: Film tells it my rembrandt by Dutch director ok hugendijko,

Plot of the movie “My Rembrandt”

The film, which will be in Italian cinemas next 6, 7, 8 June With nexo digitalis a mosaic of compelling stories that have been liked film rouge The hero’s unbridled passion for the paintings of rembrandt, which leads to dramatic developments and unexpected turns. if the Dutch collectors Eijk and Rose-Marie de Mol van OtterlooAmerican Thomas Kaplan and Scotsman Duke of Bukeluch They reveal a morbid affection for “their” Rembrandt, the banker Eric de RothschildThe placing of two paintings by the Flemish painter on sale, provokes an uphill political and diplomatic battle between Rijksmuseum And this Louvre. The film also follows the frantic work of an elite art dealer. January sixTwo of Rembrandt’s “new” paintings are on their way: a nerve-wracking journey of discovery that seems to make their biggest childhood dream come true.

“My goal was to create a Shakespearean play that featured the main characters with every human element possible” Director Hugendijk explains. “I am so grateful for the conviction and candor of our protagonists – who – no matter how different their worlds – share an important detail that embodies them all: Rembrandt’s fever. It is not Rembrandt himself, but his for him. Passion plays a key role. The question that remains after watching the film is not “What do we do with Rembrandt’s legacy today?” but rather: “What does Rembrandt’s legacy have to do with us?”

Where the obsession with Rembrandt is born

But why are all these characters obsessed with Rembrandt and his art? There’s always a film director to explain it: “There is something curious about Rembrandt; it seems that there was such an extraordinary truth, sentimentality, and sympathy in his work that whoever sees one of his paintings goes in search of himself. This gave Rembrandt the 17th century What made it so special to the citizens of Amsterdam, who lined up to portray them: Rembrandt looked beneath the surface and showed who they really were. He gazed at the vanity and sophistication of the social environment he portrayed. Despite possessing, did not flatter his patrons. And he ruthlessly applied this method to himself as well. His self-portraits, especially the latter, are incredibly honest explorations of the psychological toll we take during our lives. pay. In his latest paintings, Rembrandt is resigned. “Accept me as I am,” he seems to be saying. His way of painting convinces you that life is not perfect and that everyone has its own flaws and that is what makes us human. Thus, since the 17th century , Rembrandt has erected a mirror for our contemporaries, a mirror that teases and tickles. as he rightly admitted taco debitsRembrandt is a tribute to humanity”,


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