“For the nth coop of good words”

They all agree in defining this COP, the 26th running in Glasgow, as the COP of Good Words. They no longer have high hopes, but they have great questions and demands and are determined to make themselves heard through their stories of interactions with attacks and acts of nonviolent civil disobedience. Because, say young Italian activists in or out of a Scottish town, there is no room in the ‘rooms’ of conversation for the voices of those who should be heard, and then have to take to the streets and squares.

From Glasgow, Martina Camparelli, a 28-year-old Milanese who moved to Brussels, where she interned at the European Parliament, Friday’s spokeswoman for Future Italia, told Adencronos that “reiterating what was already said in the G20, They just seemed to forget them. And in the COP too, many beautiful words. There was a blow from India, but we know very well that the countries of the north of the world have to take the lead: we found ourselves at the cost of industrialization Made on the planet. And then, they invite the Supreme Leader to speak Amazon while the future isn’t Friday. I smell the joke. If these are campuses, where are we going? We never lose the desire to listen but I don’t have high hopes at the moment, but I have big questions and demands. The premises are as they are, we will make ourselves heard in the strike.”

Along the same lines, 22-year-old Sicilian, Marco Pita, an international relations student engaged in an internship at the European Parliament: “The problem with these police – he tells Adnkronos from Glasgow – is that the voices of the people most affected by the unheard Deta, there are big polluters in the rooms and not the people who speak. We will continue to condemn those who continue to pollute and those who continue to finance the polluters”. They are already doing this with a number of actions in Glasgow, they will do so with the Friday for Future March on 5 November and with nonviolent civil disobedience actions on World Climate Justice Day on the 6th. “This is the 26th COP – says Marko – the 26th year in which they meet to negotiate. They reached agreements in Paris in 2015, which no one is honoring but talks are on. It’s very disappointing.”

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It also remembers Giovanni Mori, 28, of Brescia, spokesman for Friday for Future Italia and energy engineer, who left for Glasgow on Thursday. “The words spoken by the leaders in the G20 and Cop26 – he tells AdnKronos – are correct, but all the action is missing. This is demonstrated by the fact that we are in Cop26, this is the 26th time they meet, but The meeting is useless if there is no political will to change things. The problem won’t be solved thanks to another cop, it will only be solved when we really decide to turn things around. Words are beautiful, but we do very little of them.”

In a nutshell, 22-year-old Sofia Pasoto from Mantua, a member of activist and journalists’ group Destination Cop, outlines, in her first year of the Masters in Climate Change in Copenhagen, from where she is scheduled to leave for Glasgow, Laid the foundation for the cop who has potential success, but right now, as always, and I say this with bitterness, we don’t seem to have much willpower to act. So many beautiful words, of a desire to change things. About, they are yes, but then India emerged as a climate neutrality target in 2070″. Compare with young people? “We haven’t yet had time to understand whether to believe Draghi’s words, But till now we have not been listened to, politics is gone but not with the urgency that it should have.”

by Stefania Marignetti


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