foreign policy. All appointments of the week 3 – 9 May

politica estera 3 - 9 maggio

The first G7 appearance since the onset of the epidemic, Israel’s future in the hands of Netanyahu, Blinken flies to Ukraine, WTO discusses suspension of patents on Kovid vaccines and goes to Scotland elections. Week 3 – May 9 Foreign Policy Appointments

Week 3 – The first G7 in the presence of the beginning of the epidemic between the foreign policy appointments of 9 May, Israel’s future in the hands of Netanyahu, Blinken flies to Ukraine, WTO discusses suspension of patents on Kovid vaccines and Scotland Goes to the polls for parliamentary elections.

Monday 3 may

G7 – US Secretary of State Antony blink Participates in a two-day meeting of the Ministers of Foreign and Development G7 Held in London until 5 May. The meeting takes place after a 14-month epidemic in attendance. Issues on which the issue of epidemics and the development of vaccines, the fight against climate change and women’s education around the world will also be addressed. The summit will lay the foundation stone for the leaders’ summit in Cornwall in June, and will also participate Joe Biden, For the first time on a trip to Europe as President.

British Foreign Minister Dominic Rabb and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken

Tuesday 4 may

Israel – There is a time limit for this. Benjamin Netanyahu To announce whether or not he can form the government after the March 23 elections in Israel, a 14-day extension is planned.

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Wednesday 5 may

USA-UK – US Secretary of State, Antony blink Visit Ukraine and meet the President Volodymyr Zelensky.

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in that – The General Council of the World Trade Organization (WTO), the highest-level decision-making body, meets to talk about the possible renunciation of patents on anti-Kovid vaccines.

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Thursday 6 may

Scotland – Scott will go to the polls for the election of 129 members of parliament, HolyroadBrexit after the re-creation of the institution in 1999 and in the first vote after the sixth. Scottish National Party Leader Nikola Sturgeon He promised to hold an independence referendum by the end of 2023 if his party wins a majority.

The electoral appointment is considered an examination as well as an opportunity for those political forces in favor of independence from London and ‘remnants’ in the European Union – in the 2016 referendum, in fact, 62% of Scots chose to remain Was in the European Union.


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