Former Squad: “Forza Celtic” To One Kilmarnock Fan, Lafferty Risks A Maxi Disqualification (VIDEO)

Former Squad:

Former Palermo Kyle Lafferty is in danger of getting into trouble.

The striker, who played with Kilmarnock in the Scottish Premier League, ended up in a video with a fan slipping the exclamation “Up the Celts”, or “Force Celtic”. He has already been fined and now risks a maximum of 10 rounds of disqualification. The Reason? The punishment of the Enniskillen bomber is considered “communal”.

Lafferty has been fined by the club, apologizing to “family and colleagues” but this will not exempt him from the Scottish FA, Glasgow Football Association tour, scheduled for 20 October. They will be charged with not acting in the best interests of football and violating a rule that prohibits the use of offensive language that includes references to ethnic origin, race, nationality, religion or political belief. Scottish Football Federation rules provide that a sanction is a mandatory disqualification of at least 10 matches which can only be reduced “if exceptional circumstances have been established”.

Kilmarnock took a stand soon after the video aired: «The club can confirm that Kyle regrets his actions and admits he has let himself, his family, the club and fans down. Kilmarnock subsequently took internal action and therefore imposed a substantial fine on the player. The club has also hired Scotland’s leading anti-discrimination charity, Neil By Mouth – he will work closely with Kyle on an individual basis, as well as provide further training for members of the first team and academy. Kyle has also pledged to support the club’s projects, which will see him participate in the Need by Mouth educational initiative, as well as volunteer each week in Kilmarnock’s “Football for All” project. The club eventually provided the Scottish FA with full cooperation in the investigation.

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