France, the government plans to ban sporting events at night. Goal: to save energy

 France, the government plans to ban sporting events at night.  Goal: to save energy

football in the evening France It may end. it’s not a joke. Amelie Oudia-Castera, Minister of Sports of Franceconsidering measures to deal with Climate change Which is causing so many heat waves around the world. so he proposed that there are not night sporting event Since the winter in football and rugby. purpose: save energy.

Amelie Oudia-Castera, Minister of Sports of France

a law never seen before

Actually, one of the policy proposals for this is that there are no night time sports events in winter and this will be directly affected. football and rugby, The decision will cover Ligue 1, Women’s League 1 and all competitions.

government This could ban evening football or evening rugby matches from the winter season. The plan for Oudéa-Castera is under discussion and no decision has yet been made, but it remains a solid possibility. This will be a law that has never been seen before.

If approved, matches will be held all during the day, with natural light and in full sun hours, so the race will disappear at sunset. “No subject is barred, including night sports matches,” the minister’s team specified.

Top 14, French Rugby League

“Professional rugby fully aware of climate emergency”

In the last season, for example, top 14 They played at least three games after 5 pm for each round and everything would suggest that the Ligue Nationale’s plans would be similar for the 2022/2023 season as well. LNR itself sent a statement to express his views on the matter, ensuring that “professional rugby” fully aware of the climate emergency and the need for a general policy of greater energy restraint”. ,professional rugby Will be fully involved in the works initiated by the Ministry of Sports and ecological transition On how sports should be included in the efforts required by the government. The topics to be discussed are many, and these discussions must guarantee respect for the economic and organizational balance of the competitions, of which the evening matches are a very important element”, reads the statement.

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Although so far there have only been reactions from club leagues, the government’s decisions could have potential consequences on club matches as well. France national team, In his speech, the Sports Minister spoke in general about the measures to be taken during the winter, without specifying the period of possible application of this prohibition. In this sense, it also cannot be excluded two out of three test matches Any change as scheduled on 21 November (against Australia and South Africa) could happen. The two Six Nations 2023 matches that France will host at home against Scotland and Wales between February and March will be scheduled at 4 pm and 3:45 pm.


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