Frank Vogel Jokes Lakers will be at a disadvantage against Denver due to Alt High in Game 3

Frank Vogel Jokes Lakers will be at a disadvantage against Denver due to Alt High in Game 3

Lakers coach Frank Vogel is no stranger to “Dad jokes”.

And even before Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals before the Denver Nuggets came back, Vogel managed to earn a little bit of money.

The Lakers, who got the first seeded seed at the Western Conference, are going to play their first “road game” against third seeded Denver Nuggets.

In the playoffs, they are 4-0 in the “Road Games” which, of course, are all played inside Walt Disney World’s NBA Bubble.

On Tuesday, a reporter asked Vogel if there was a difference in designated away games.

“I made sure our guy did everything he needed to do to adjust the itude to play in Denver tonight because in Game 3, you always have to calculate that itude,” Vogel said with a smile.

In normal times, the Lakers played Game 3 at an altitude of 5,280 feet in front of 18,000 hostile fans. Pepsi Center.

But Covid-19 changed everything and Vogel said there is “There’s not much difference” between home and road games in Florida.

“The other team’s colors are shining around us, but without the crowd, you don’t really feel it.” “… your bench is on the other side, so it looks a little different from that perspective. It’s about it.”

The Lakers have a 2-0 series lead and are two wins away from their first appearance in the NBA Finals in 10 years.

But they know they can’t count the Nuggets, a team that has come back from a two-straight 3-1 loss in the first two rounds of the playoffs.

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In Game 2 on Sunday, Anthony Davis created a boozer-beat three-pointer to give the Lakers a 105-103 win.

Vogel said the game could easily get away from them.

“Thirty fouls and 24 turnovers are usually equal to losses,” he said. “So we dodged the bullets and we’ve gotten better tonight.”


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