Fraser Horby has been reputed as the perfect Aberdeen substitute for Sam Cosgrove and has urged pressure for Scotland in the Euro

Fraser Horby has been reputed as the perfect Aberdeen substitute for Sam Cosgrove and has urged pressure for Scotland in the Euro

Take a closer look at Mackay’s bosses as Fraser Horby Scotland’s top young scorer.

He is now confident that Aberdeen can provide the prolific striker with the right platform to showcase his skills as a male.

Horby was gunned down by France’s Stade de Reims on a loan to the Dons as a direct replacement for Sam Cosgrove on his way to Birmingham.

McKay feels Pettodry may be the starting point for Horby’s career as she embarks on a journey that could enter Steve Clarke’s account before the European Championships in late summer.

To give any chance of this happening, the former Saudi game for All Federation coach says that Horby should make the most of his first real rift in regular football.

The 6-foot-4-inch-long striker became Scotland’s biggest scorer at the under-21 level in October, when a hat-trick against San Marino led him to bypass former champions Dawn Scott Booth and Jordan Rhodes.

But despite winning 18 matches under 21, he made the same number of club level games after taking a break at Everton under Duncan Ferguson.

The loan awarded to the Belgian courtier last season saw four goals in 14 games, but a summer move to the French top-tier club Rimes resulted in just three appearances for the first team in six months.

This is why McKay is desperate to become the number one striker at the end of 21 years. And so I stand Clarke and notice her.

Not only will this be beneficial for the player, but McKay is confident that the move will also be good for Aberdeen as it is revealed that Derek McCain was following the player two years ago.

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McKay said, “Fraser would be a good deal for Aberdeen.

“Derek told me about it two years ago when he was in Everton. At that time he chose to move to Belgium, and Sam Cosgrove was on his way and it did not happen.

“But with Sam leaving, I’d say Fraser is the right choice.

“He clearly broke the goal record for the U21 team, which shows he has a lot of potential.

“He is a real presence and he is good in the air, but he is also mobile, loves to walk on canals and has great feet.

“Fraser was an attacking midfielder early in his career, so he is comfortable with the ball and he has this intelligence and brings other players into play.

“What we talked about is that he needs to play football regularly and against men.

“He hasn’t played much in the last 18 months and even though his time in Belgium has been promising, I think the club politics have distorted him.”

So this move will be good for both the player and Aberdeen.

“If he does well, he gets six months to prospect – like any player – to join Steve Clarke’s squad at the European Championships in Scotland.

“We all know that Scotland lacks position as a forward, so if he can play consistently and score goals he will definitely be at the forefront.

“But his first thought should be – if and when he signs for Aberdeen – to join the team, play every week and learn the trade.

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“Stepping into full international football from the U-21 level is huge and so you have to challenge yourself regularly against men.”

Horby may have been born and brought up in Northampton, but McKay says that she has no qualms about wearing navy blue in Scotland.

And while he never pulled his shoes north, except for international assignments, the former Saudi game for the All Federation youth team leader is no doubt Aberdeen and Derek Mackens to bring his career to the next Would be a good choice. . .

McKay said, “It’s fun to work with Fraser and he really wanted to be involved whenever a team was announced.

“He loves wearing that Scottish shirt and I think the last two years, trying to break the goal record that he has been standing for years, has really pushed him to do it.

“We were lucky that he managed to do so.

“Not only that, Fraser is a good guy with good behavior. I get to know him very well and he is smart and smart enough and I think he will settle down immediately.

“He was brave enough to go to Belgium and now France on his own and I think getting to know Derek and Aberdeen as a club would interest him.

“Apparently Aberdeen have Louis Ferguson and Ross McCreery, giving them lessons and poetry at the club.

He said, “He now needs to go against the men and prove himself. After a period of stability in the hospital, I have no doubt that he will make it ”.

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