Free from post-covid travel restrictions

Free from post-covid travel restrictions

London – TheEngland It has removed almost all restrictions. Now social distancing, no need for masks to show Vaccination passport. Life is like pre-covid life. boris johnson There was criticism for this choice. Some say it is purely strategic, the daughter of a scandal erupting in the government: its ministers at their peak had organized a private party. global pandemic, While ordinary citizens were fined for violating the curfew, politicians celebrated regardless of the rules imposed by them. Hence the allegation: Johnson removed restrictions to save face. However, the fact remains that it has decided to give back the most fundamental rights and freedoms to its citizens.

To go to London, by plane, FFP2 Mask: These rules are imposed by Italy. At the airport, as soon as you get off the plane, you can quickly remove the mask even indoors without feeling guilty. At Gatwick station people are hugging their loved ones, chatting with each other, walking home in peace. A Scottish gentleman tells us he doesn’t know whether to return to Italy, where he usually takes holidays because of restrictions. They have always come to the beautiful country from all over the world to appreciate its beauty, its history, the uniqueness of its culture. “Now, however – he explains – continues to apply the toughest rules against COVID, while the rest of the world is already beginning to adapt to the post-pandemic future, and despite the rate of Vaccination among the highest in the world”,

The atmosphere is everywhere in England Rebirth, Pubs and clubs are full of people looking to have fun. And concerts are also back for a while. In short, the British have decided to live as before the pandemic. At present the impact on the national health system is zero. Now COVID-19 It no longer has the same effect as it did in the beginning. But most of all, there are new treatments to treat the seriously ill. and therefore, by preserving LifeEverything is being done to make it worth living.

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