From “Cinderella Causes” to Major Projects for the Environment

Giustizia climatica: dalle “cause Cenerentola” ai grandi progetti per l’ambiente

There climate justice the concept that global warming is a moral and political questionsNot limited to environmental protection. The first summit on climate justice took place in 2000 in The Hague, on the sidelines of COP 6, the historic Conference of the Parties on Climate, attended by countries adhering to the United Nations Convention signed in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. every year..

There, for the first time in history, institutions put in black and white “The Climate change It’s a question of rights”, This stance marks a turning point at the formal level – hence the increasingly recurring succession of global appointments to agree on shared strategies – but not enough, at least until pre-pandemic.

From philanthropy to climate justice

In recent years, however – thanks to increasingly clear manifestations of Climate change – the idea that Philanthropy for Climate Justice is the point of intersection that encompasses all the factors that have attracted them historically Donation,

That’s because climate justice matches inversion and control policies Victims of consequences caused by others, with solid support to the poorest countries. In this way it performs a convenient function in an intergenerational key, pulling Protection of the means of subsistence for future generations, As Mary Robinson – founder of the foundation of the same name and former – First Lady – President of the Republic of Ireland – reiterated:

Climate justice focuses our attention on people, not ice sheets and greenhouse gases; it creates a risk of Climate change,

Cause “Cinderella”

a’Investigation of NGOs Rockefeller Philanthropy Consultant 2020 highlights what marginal part of climate philanthropy represents Donation Global, only 8%. The education sector and the fight against poverty have particularly catalysed long-term balance funding.

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Florence Miller, DirectorEnvironmental Funders Network (EFN), which defined categories of environmental interventions – for example, the conservation of land, water and the conservation of biodiversity – “Cinderella Reason”,

The association with the subordinate position of a Disney princess is very intuitive.

The same redemption is happening to the fairy-tale character “Green Cause”As confirmed by Melissa Berman, CEO of the same NGO that conducted the investigation.

Source: “Funding Trends: Climate Change Mitigation Philanthropy” report

We get confirmation of this in the British newspaper Guardian According to which in 2020 Donation 250 million pounds in favor of these projects in the United Kingdom, more than double as compared to 2016, Quite a positive increase, however, was cut short by the fact that they represented only 4% of the total.

Climate justice moves forward after pandemic

On the other hand, even small donations lead to big changes. it is a matter Polden-Pukham Charitable Foundation To counter balanceWhich is led thanks to the amount of 20 thousand pounds countryside which convinced the European Investment Bank – the financial arm of the European Union and Europe’s largest public investor – to stop funding fossil fuel From 2021 onwards.

Biodiversity restoration projects maximize the benefits of moderate philanthropic contributions. A concrete example was made for the reintroduction of the wild otter in Scotland, for which £200,000 was funded People’s faith in endangered species, Project – Scottish Wildlife Trust – Family groups of beavers were allowed to be taken from Norway and left in the Knapdale Forest in the center of Argyll. The surveillance was successful and the Scottish government authorized the new inhabitants to live in the wild, where they still populate those forests today.

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it was there First reproduction of an extinct mammal in the wild has brought many more benefits to the country for 400 years: the renovation of the Coppis Woods and the construction of dams that have helped Atlantic trout rechargeHow Confirmed by a posthumous study,

Another “Cinderella Cause” was brought forward with the initiative of World Economic Forum “”for the decade ecosystem restoration by 2030. the starting point was a Study on potential coverage of tree crowns globallyWhich revealed an enormous potential for improvement: nearly 1 billion hectares of poor land that could accommodate further coverage.

From there, the realization of this project, thanks to which, starting from last year, planting began to reach a trillion trees (by 2030), to store 205 gigatons of carbon. Marc Benioff – CEO sales force And the financier of the project – estimated at ten billion dollars – said in this regard: “None of us can do everything, but everyone has to do something.”


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