From Scudetto with Roma to Damiano Tomasi Verona’s ballot: an exploration of former life as a mediator and role in politics

From Scudetto with Roma to Damiano Tomasi Verona's ballot: an exploration of former life as a mediator and role in politics

Twenty years ago the company was already doing this: bringingItaly for the quarters Worldin a damned match against South Korea… but that (good) goal was canceled for him offside, And 20 years ago it was also the last time middle left he managed to impose himself Veronaby choice paolo zanoto Mayor. Who knows if the company will be successful this time damiano tomasiFormer footballer, life as a midfielder and son of negarothe land of great wines at the door of Verona, Yes, because Damiano Tomasi never liked easy ventures, difficult ones are better: whether they succeed or not, because they are logical Super men It has nothing to do with this. And the company already has to touch the ball middle left In Verona, running for mayor and managing to unite around him all the subjects who identify themselves in that area, from the party of calendarTo PD, from the most mid-way to the purest left. This was not taken lightly: it had not happened for some time in Verona. And reaching this result, according to estimates, Damiano Tomasi moved center-left toward the ballot and in Benefit, The difference sees them largely first, with a consensus between 37 and 41 percent among former mayors against one. flavio tosi And federico soborinaBoth major centre-right alliances and estimated at between 27 and 31 percent.

Tomasi plays it, as he did when he was in the middle of the field: in the first Veronacurly curly in B Seriesand then . revealed from the rome of franco Senseswhich makes it the axis of midfield, According to Fabio Capello, a pivot, which without technical means is equivalent to the event that plays him together, “more than the most important player, hatmore than Batistuta“, In the Year of the Scudetto: In Rome the Scudetto won, something that does not happen briefly every day. A pug gentleAble to overthrow football but with more tenacity than brutality: the same tenacity that has propelled him to an entirely new role since 2011, at the helm ofFootballers Association, The Presidency Begins in a Way That’s Anything But Soft With a Strike Football Players In disagreement with the possibility of training unnecessary players separately, for the sake of collective agreement. The battles that made noise, and which had already generated rumors of his possible candidacy five years earlier the mayor of VeronaAlways in centre-left: “I never thought about it, yet” remarked Tomasi at the time, who wasn’t really on the field.

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climbing in the area that occurred for the following year, in 2018, Fig Presidency: Tomasi tried in January, failed, when the Federation was then Police Station SDR because none of them (who represented the players), cosimo sibilia (representing amateur) e Gabriel Gravina (Chairman of Lega Pro) had checked it. Then in October of the same year Gravina’s election, which Tomasi initially said Oppose Since in his opinion none of the candidates of January should have participated. He joined FIGC as a federal councillor. adventure now Politics, His detractors called him “a good man, but inexperienced”, with remarks acknowledging: “If I Politics Had better people it would be a great move”. he commented civil nature of its coalition, except the leaders of match Standing side by side, but staying among the people, and managing to mediate the difficulties involved in maintaining the party calendar more pieces Five Stars, For now he says the data is encouraging: “We’ll have to wait to see some data, but Result Exit polls show that the urge to turn the page in Verona is making itself felt and that was our first goal. This is a historic result for Verona, where the prospect of change has long been awaited. hope to be able to start For making A new future for the city. It won’t be easy, but it’s an encouraging fact that will work us into solid road in the next two weeks”. Yes, it will be all center right against the practice vote and how voters will behave), but Tomasi’s venture may be a success.

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