Front page of National with Mancini-Braveheart

Front page of National with Mancini-Braveheart
Italy fans in England (Photo Source GettyImages)

Scotland open side against England: They will cheer for Italy in Euro 2020 final.

fans of italy
Italy fans in England (Photo Source GettyImages)

Half of Europe will cheer for Italy in the final of Euro 2020. Or at least against England. While UEFA is being criticized from various quarters, according to many, Make the three lions favorite in this European Championship, giving him several matches at Wembley and some refereeing episodes not quite clear, a Azzurri. take a stand openly in favor of And the Scottish fans are against the British.

In a survey commissioned by the Freedom newspaper National, most readers said they had no doubts about who to cheer for, extending their support to Italy in the final on July 11. The fact that there is not much sympathy between the English and the Scots at the football level is nothing new. But this time the game has also been linked to issues of political nature, which reinforce a feeling Cultivated for a long time.

And so, suddenly, Azurri became the hero who could give Scots a dream, and Mancini became the front page of a Scottish newspaper… Brave.

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Mancini-Braveheart: Scotland back Italy

scotland fan
A Scottish fan (Photo Source GettyImages)

Who’s to cheer during the Euro 2020 final between Italy and England? Scottish fans have no doubt: Forza Azuri in full blast. one proves it great front page than independence newspaper National Dedicated to our national team, complete with Mancini in Braveheart Edition Face painted with the distinctive blue and white color of the character played by Mel Gibson.

The headline chosen by the newspaper is symbolic even beyond the picture: “Save us Roberto, you are our… Last hope / Save us Roberto, you are ours… the last hope“.And the subtitle also explains why Scotland can’t help but cheer for Italy:”We can’t stand 55 more years of this success being thrown at our faces“. Double whammy for the British, who would not reach new victories for the Scots for many more years, even if they did win.

A front page that sparked the enthusiasm and social irony of not only many Italians in England, but the entire Scottish people. On the other hand, the challenge between England and Scotland is virtually endless. Not surprisingly, in recent times on the same National It was necessary to specify through a long article how Modern football was not invented by the British, but by the Scots themselves. Or by the greater Chinese. In short, whatever the approach, there is only one certainty: the Azurri at Wembley will be able to count on the support of other people.

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