GB On 6 May, a vote is taken for the renewal of the Parliaments of Wales and Scotland

  GB  On 6 May, a vote is taken for the renewal of the Parliaments of Wales and Scotland

By Alberto Galvi

On 6 May, we will vote for the Parliaments of Wales and Scotland. In the latter case, voters will elect 129 members of Scripture, who were elected in 1999 to legislate on issues that cover most aspects of daily life, such as education, health, and transportation.
On the other hand, the UK Parliament in Westminster can pass laws on confidential matters, which are usually of international or British influence, such as defense, foreign policy and immigration.
I Princely State’s Consolidate Sonu Scottish National Party, Scottish Conservative Party, Scottish Greens Party, Scottish Liberal Democrats Party, Alba, All for Unity, Freedom Alliance, Reform UK, Scottish Family Party and UK Independent Party.
Election campaigns may or may not want to hold another referendum on Scottish independence, and the Scottish National Party has already said that if the election gives another independence majority, the Kovid want to vote when the epidemic ends.
The Scottish Greens Party also supports independence, but Scottish conservatives, Labor and liberal Democrats are against it and say the country’s focus should be on recovering from the epidemic rather than the constitution. Issues such as health, education, environment and economy, which are among the other issues most felt by voters at this level, will play a major role during the election campaign.
On the other hand, citizens in Wales will go to the polls to elect members of the Welsh Parliament, which is the sixth election since its creation in 1999, called Sedd Cimru: they will elect 60 members, 40 of whom elect. Are members of the region. And 20 are regional. Senedd is an inseparable parliament.
The main parties competing for seats in the Welsh Parliament are the Welsh Labor Party, Welsh Conservative Party, Plaid Simru, Reform Party UK, Welsh Liberal Democrats Party, UK Independence Party in Wales, Abolis the Valley Assembly Party, Propel, Communist Party of Great Britain, Gwalad and Wales Green Party.
The next Welsh government required the people to pass legislation to prevent candidates in Senedd elections, unless they were leading to successive elections in Wales during the three years beginning in 2026.
At least 25 candidates for the May 6 election do not live in Wales: 23 in England, one in Scotland and the other on the Isle of Man.
The Welsh Labor Party was the largest party ever formed, winning 26 to 30 seats in each election; He was also in government, in coalitions or alone, during 22 years of disarray. Lean Wood of the Plaid Simru Party has promised to hold an independence referendum within the next five years. Wales voted to leave the European Union in the 2016 referendum and although most voters have not changed their views, there has been a slight swing towards the EU’s stance.
Whoever wins this election round will face tensions between the central government and the regions, destined to become even more autonomous.

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