Georgia: All eyes are on the state ahead of the Trump rally and Senate debate

Georgia: All eyes are on the state ahead of the Trump rally and Senate debate
Previously each party has been working hard to inspire their party Monday’s deadline and preliminary voting will begin Dec. 14. Former President Barack Obama and former State Minority Leader Stacey Abrams held a virtual event for Democratic Senate challengers John Osoff and Rafael Warnock on Friday, while Vice President Mike Pence rallied for Republicans.

President Donald Trump has his own rally on Saturday to elect Sense ahead of the fierce crowd to defend David Perdue and Kelly Loffler and the Chamber’s party control. Then on Sunday, Loffler and Warnock will take part in a discussion hosted by the Atlanta Press Club.

The focus is on Georgia as it has been demolished by the state Nationwide epidemic of corona virus. He recorded his highest number of cases in a single day on Friday – 5,023 – and partial to the Georgia-Vanderbilt football game. Postponed due to Covid-19
Trump is facing a task He persuaded his election supporters to vote for two Republican senators by falsely declaring them disqualified in the election campaign. Trump has lashed out at top Republican officials in the state, including Governor Brian Kemp and Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Rafensparger, following the defeat of Georgia’s President-elect Joe Biden. Kempe certified the results of Biden’s victory, while Rafansperg defended the integrity of the state election.
Trump called the camp on Saturday And according to a source familiar with the conversation, state legislators tried to force the governor to overturn Biden’s victory in Georgia. He also asked the Republican governor to audit absent ballot signatures.

Kempe explained that he did not have this right and denied the request, the source said.

Trump's G.O.P.  Republicans are worried ahead of the rally over criticism of Senate candidates

Republicans determined to block Senate Democratic control are concerned by the president’s continued refusal to accept. A group of Georgia Republicans, including former Gov. Nathan Deal and former Sen. Johnny Isaacson and Sexby Chamblis, issued a statement this week urging the party to unite and focus on the Loffler and Perdue elections.

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Republican National Committee Chair Rona Maddaniel on Saturday dismissed concerns that Trump’s message about the integrity of the election could dissuade Georgia Republicans from voting on Jan. 5.

“I think voters support the president a lot. I think they belong to the state and how he conducted the election,” he told Fox News. “However, they want to make sure that we have David Perdue and Kelly. We’ll keep the loafers. But, and they can balance both. “

There is little evidence that Trump will stop his irregular attacks on the democratic process and state officials in charge of elections.

Some of Trump's supporters in this Georgia county say the electoral system is rigid.  & # 39;  That could hurt Republicans in January
In the last few weeks, Trump has publicly identified Ruffinsperger as one “Enemy of the people” And privately the camp is called “Moron” and “The Work of the Nut,” according to two sources. On Saturday – hours before his visit to Peach State – Trump again slammed two top Georgia officials on Twitter, demanding a signature audit of absentee ballot envelopes in the state, while False or misleading claims About the possible process.

The president also asked in a recent phone call why Lofler, who ran in the 20-person special election, did not get the majority of voters who won a majority on election day against Warnak.

After any Senate candidate received 0% of the vote in November, the race was particularly divisive. Democrats have accused Purdue and Lofler of profiting from the epidemic, saying their multimillion-dollar stock business was noticed by the Justice Department – although there is no charge. Meanwhile, Republican senators have said they were cleared during the investigation, and are Called Osoff and Vonrock are socialists who will destroy America. Democrats have dismissed those attacks as false intimidation.

Pence said Friday that Republicans need to choose Perdue and Loffler to defend the achievements of the Trump administration over the past four years.

& # 39;  We can be a swing vote & # 39;: Asian Americans are key to Georgia runout strategy

“We need to send them back because the Republican Senate majority could be the last line of defense we’ve made to protect this nation, revive our economy, and preserve the God-given freedoms we cherish,” Pence said. Savannah.

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Republicans have many advantages in two races when Biden won in Georgia soon after – for the first time since Bill Clinton became the Democratic president in 1992. The state has not sent a Democrat to the Senate in 20 years. Last month, Perdue received many thousands more votes than sss sof. Republicans are spending about million 38 million more on ads than Democrats, according to Kantar Media / CMAG data.

But Democrats are optimistic that Republicans Inter-party fight, Voter registration drives by Abrams and others and the rapidly customizable suburbs of the state will enhance their victory and flip the Senate.

“Special elections in Georgia will ultimately determine Biden’s path to the presidency,” Obama said in a virtual program on Friday.

This story has been updated with additional reports.

CNN’s Caitlan Collins, Jeremy Diamond, Jason Hoffman, Liz Tural, Kristen Holmes and Veronica Streaklurcy contributed to the report.


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